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Microsoft Office is easily the superior choice for technology in K12 schools

With a user base of over 155 million people, Microsoft Office is undeniably the most popular office productivity software on the planet. As blended learning advances in today’s K-12 schools, it’s vital that students learn to utilize the platform that speaks the language of business: Microsoft Office. Fortunately, Microsoft provides a range of tools that will help schools stay productive, engage their students and provide cost-effective solutions that educators require. It’s no surprise that Microsoft Office 365 is preferred by modern educators who understand that they are preparing their students for the broader job world in the future.

Network Outsource who provides IT support for education throughout New York City and Long Island shares why Microsoft technologies make sense for today’s schools.

Gaining the Technical Skills Your Students Need

Teaching concepts has been, and always will be, an extremely important part of primary education. However, today’s children not only need to understand concepts but also be able to present them in a logical fashion. That requires a thorough understanding of current technology such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Presentations and written communication are vital tools for success in the future, and this early practice with the standard productivity platforms will help students learn to effectively organize their thoughts and persuade others on assigned topics.

Providing Consistent Classroom Communication

It can be a struggle for teachers to maintain consistent communication across their various classes. When information is stored and shared electronically, teachers can focus on teaching instead of worrying about any specific points that they might have shared with one class and forgotten to include for another. Microsoft Outlook can help consolidate information and keep conversations together naturally, allowing teachers to maintain various threads of information with peers and with students without losing track of important information.

Finding the right tools for your school starts with the basics, but advanced technology can help provide the competitive advantage that today’s students need to be successful in the future. Find out more about how Microsoft Office 365 can help boost collaboration and learning by contacting the professionals at Network Outsource today at 516-207-1889. You can always request your free initial consultation by filling out our online form or chatting live with our friendly service specialists. Our Network Outsource team works with K-12 schools, healthcare organizations, nonprofits and more to provide the proactive support and security that you deserve in the New York City and Long Island areas.

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