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Mistakes Laundry Businesses Can Avoid

Mistakes Laundry Businesses Can Avoid
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko: pexels

Cleaning clothes is one of the important chores humans should do. One way to earn from this is to invest in a laundry business. However, starting your own laundry business is not an easy task. Commercial laundry machines are expensive, and preventing these machines from breaking is a priority.

As a laundry business owner, one should know how to maintain your machine best and avoid making mistakes in your business. So here are a few tips you should know:

The washer and dryer are bogging down

Commercial laundry service machines work all day cleaning clothes, and these machines wear off quickly if not properly maintained. A laundry machine needs regular cleaning, like any household appliance, to function as expected. Debris, such as microfibers, dirt, and moulds can accumulate over time and affect the succeeding washes, even creating an environment for bacteria to live in. Thus, it should be a must that your machines are kept clean always. 

Using too much laundry detergent

Chemical products are commonly used in washing machines. The primary purpose of these is for fragrance and cleaning fabrics. However, it is important to know the maximum limit of your laundry machine when using chemical products. Placing too much detergent is an example that can cause the bubbles to overflow out of your machine and break its water seal. Moreover, too many chemical products can damage the fabrics and cause colour bleeding. Following the recommended amount should always be done.

Overloading washer and dryer

Most of the time, we want to finish our laundry quickly, so we do it in one go, even if it overloads the machine. Doing such is a huge mistake and will cause damage to both your machine and the fabric inside. Overloading makes it hard for your detergent to clean all the fabrics as it is already cramped fully. Fabrics will no longer have enough space to tumble and remove dirt and other debris. Also, overloading can damage the machine itself as it is already beyond the maximum weight it can bear. Regularly overloading your laundry machines will result in unexpected repairs and maintenance, which would cost a lot.

Similarly, underloading is also something you should avoid. Although it does not damage the laundry machines, it uses extra water and energy, which would not be efficient. Loading the right capacity for machines is the way to go and could potentially allow you to save money.

Mistakes Laundry Businesses Can Avoid
Photo by Oli Woodman on Unsplash

Placing the machine on an uneven surface

Some would think it is not important to place washing machines on an even surface properly. Not levelling your washer would create a possibility of damaging its components. An off-balance washing machine would exert more effort in spinning, and the water would be displaced. Thus upon installation, it is better to use a leveller to position your washer properly. Also, most washers have adjustable feet and are built level on top.

These mistakes are the most common when handling laundry machines being aware of these and having the knowledge on how to avoid such errors saves you from spending money on unwanted repairs. 

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