Sponsoring the Nationwide Football League
A Nationwide case study

Page 1: Introduction

Every day consumers come across a wide range of product names, images, stimuli and information which appear in many different formats - in the high street, on the products they use, at events and places they attend and through a range of entertainment media both inside and outside the home. It is important for business organisations to understand how consumers assimilate this information and how...
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Page 2: The market

Over recent years, there has been continuous change in the market-place for financial services. A number of the larger building societies and life assurance societies have converted to public limited companies (plc). At the same time, the range of financial service providers has fluctuated - reduced initially by mergers, then widened by the entry of new players, some of which include leading...
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Page 3: Sponsorship

Branding is a major part of any product strategy. In the financial services industry, developing a brand is about developing a name, offering products and features of high value, which customers can trust. Different brands vary in the amount of power they have. For example, customers are unlikely to choose a little known brand in a competitive market-place. Brand preference occurs when customers...
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Page 4: Why sponsorship?

Nationwide is a large brand with a high profile. There are Nationwide branches in the area of every team in the League and many football supporters are also Nationwide customers. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more difficult to target key consumer groups by television advertising alone. This is due to the increasing number of television channels and the consequent fragmentation of the target...
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Page 5: Driving brand awareness

Consumers often select brands because they are familiar. As a key element in the promotional mix, sponsorship is particularly effective in developing brand awareness and familiarity. Nationwide’s sponsorship of The Football League is a particularly effective way of increasing awareness by branding Nationwide to many more groups of targeted customer groupings.  One method of assessing...
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Page 6: Conclusion

This case study has illustrated how the process of sponsorship has helped Nationwide to target a key market effectively and within a relatively short period of time - building brand awareness and using it as a base from which new business can be generated in the highly competitive market of financial services. For Nationwide, football has helped to build its response to community issues and...
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