The business of nuclear decommissioning
A Nuclear Decommissioning Authority case study

Page 1: Introduction

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The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) is a new organisation. It was set up by the government and started to operate in April 2005. Its purpose is to create a UK wide plan to clean up existing public sector nuclear sites. The business of the NDA is environmental restoration. On 29th November 2005, the Prime Minister Tony Blair announced a wide-scale review of the UK's future energy needs...
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Page 2: Management by objectives

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Everyone that works for an organisation or is involved in implementing a plan should have a clear idea of where they are going. They need a sense of direction. The principle behind Management by Objectives (MbO) is to make sure that everyone in the organisation has a clear understanding of the objectives of the organisation and their responsibilities in achieving those targets. You can...
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Page 3: Mission and organisational objectives

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Mission The NDA has established its mission as: 'to deliver a world class programme of safe, cost-effective, accelerated and environmentally responsible decommissioning of the UK's civil nuclear legacy, in an open and transparent manner and with due regard to the socio-economic effects on our communities'. What does this mean in practice? It is helpful to look at some of the component parts of...
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Page 4: Strategy and tactics

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A useful distinction can be made between strategy and tactics.  A strategy is an overall plan which gives a sense of direction and planning framework. Tactics are the smaller steps involved in putting a plan into action. The role of the NDA is to create the overall strategic plan for decommissioning nuclear facilities in the UK. The tactics, i.e. the day-to-day management of this...
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Page 5: How the objectives of the NDA impact on its stakeholders

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A stakeholder is anyone that has an interest in an organisation. The NDA has a lot of important stakeholder groups in the UK as the future of energy supply is such an important issue. Key stakeholders include: the government. The government has a responsibility to make sure that this country has a secure, safe and efficient energy industry. energy consumers. We all want cheap and clean...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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The future of energy in this country affects us all. It is a major concern for businesses, consumers, the government and local communities. Currently the government is investigating the future of energy supply in this country including nuclear energy. In the meantime the government must make sure that all the old nuclear sites in this country are decommissioned. This must be done in a...
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