Driving change through training and development
A Northern Rock case study

Page 1: Introduction

Every organisation needs to move forward and face the future. In order to do so it must take decisions which create a better way of doing things. Change and the improvements brought about by change are at the heart of strategic planning. Strategic planning is a process which involves an organisation in defining its future achievements and then providing the means to achieve these goals. In 1994...
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Page 2: Strategic review

In 1994 Northern Rock decided to undertake a strategic business review of distribution. A Review enables an organisation to find the answers to two important questions. These are: Where are we now? Where do we go from here? Building societies today are completely different institutions from those of the past. Though the core business still remains as savings deposits andmortgages, Northern...
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Page 3: Change within the business

The Review identified the need to have dedicated sales specialists. Although branch operations and sales were separated, customer service and counter service are all part of the same process and must work hand-in-hand. The increasing focus upon sales meant that Northern Rock needed to develop sales teams which would work inside and alongside customer service teams, with financial planning...
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Page 4: Communication

Selling is a two-way process of personal communication between a seller and a buyer. In highly competitive markets such as those for financial services, personal communication is a critical part of the sales process. Selling involves matching the needs of customers with services designed to meet those needs. Customers want someone they can trust, someone with the maximum information and who will...
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Page 5: Performance standards

The Strategic Distribution Review showed that customer service and sales must work hand-in-hand. Therefore as emphasis within the organisation changes towards a more pro-active approach to doing business, with greater emphasis upon sales, it was important for Northern Rock to ensure that changes followed their Quality Every Day standards. After all, branch staff at Northern Rock are the...
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Page 6: Conclusion

The movement towards a more pro-active business has involved considerable investment in staff in order that Northern Rock is able to offer keenly-priced products and services to an increasing number of customers. Feedback from delegates on courses and improvements in branch performance, have all helped to develop a more competitive spirit amongst branches.By investing heavily in changing the...
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