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Online Sports Betting With1xBet

1XBet is an online gambling/betting house with operations in almost every continent of the world. In fact, it is one of the biggest and most popular betting websites. It offers bettors and punters a wide variety of choices in placing their bets. The 1xBet sportsbook website offers online players a platform to place bets in more than 40 disciplines; from soccer, volleyball, tennis to cricket. It is also into casino betting and poker, horse betting and even politics. So, how does online betting work? 


It is a requirement that bettors register first in order for them to be able to play. The registration process is easy and straightforward. It’s a matter of just  clicking the registration button and you are good to go. Fill in the requested personal information and that’s that. 

Types of Bets

Amongst others, 1xBet has a sportsbook website. This site has in excess of 1000 events daily. There is an option for betters to place live-match bets and pre-match bets. The various sporting disciplines each have multiple markets for specific events. So, soccer for example, a bettor can place his money on a straight win, a draw, both teams to score, and so on. 

Traditionally, betting was only on a single bet. Not so today. 1xBet has other options available to bettors. One popular one is the Accumulator bet. This works like this. The bettor places selections on several different and unrelated events. The stake is then multiplied by the odd in all these unrelated sections to give the amount won. 

There are two obvious consequences of this, the winning stakes are much higher but the risk is much higher because getting a loss invalidates the whole. 

Another option is the Handicap option. There are several variations to the option. An example is the Regular Handicap. Under this option, if, say, a regular handicap was offered on Team A, then team A would have to defeat its opponent by 2 clear goals for the better to secure a winning bet. 

There is yet another option, the Asian handicap. This handicap is shorthand for, no draw. This means any outcome other than a draw is a winning bet. 

Other services 

Another popular service on online sports betting with 1xbet is the Ante-post betting option. These are bets placed on events that will not take place for a very long time. This could be months or even years. For example, future bets can be placed on the world finals to be played in Japan in 2022, that is two years from now. The odds on such bets would naturally be very high. 

Live Betting 

This online option offered by 1xBet allows bettors to place bets on games and matches that are already underway. Say, a bettor is watching a game between team A and team B. The game is into its 10th minute and the score line is nil all. The player decides to place his money on team B scoring first. If that happens, the player collects his money. 

Mobile Betting 

1xBet has another facility that makes sports betting highly convenient. Bettors can access the 1xBet website via their mobile phones and place their bets through the web-app. Alternatively, they can download the mobile app and access all the online games from there.

Virtual Sports

1xBet has three providers for virtual sports games. These are games that feature the best teams in the world, real stadiums and real uniforms but the play is computer generated. The virtual games last for three minutes and are watched live by betters. The usual markets apply, for example, final score, first team to score, draw and so on.virtual sports is found in a range of sporting disciplines including soccer, camel racing and so on.


The online betting site has a feature unique amongst sport betting houses. Bettors are afforded the opportunity to use bonuses on their bets. It offers its players the promo code. This package is open to new account holders only and is given upon signing up. Only those who have it are able to access the bonuses on offer. Upon registration, a section pops up on the screen asking the applicant whether they want to accept the Promo Code bonus. If the answer is on the affirmative, registration is automatic. At no extra cost.

The 1xBet sports online platform is the most popular of all 1xBet platforms. It attracts by far the highest number of bettors. 

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