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Responsible online gambling advisors websites you can trust

Here is a list of compiled websites relating to the world of online gambling. These are all gambling sites that you trust with information, reviews, and gathering first impressions on the latest online casino games made by software providers.


Ask gamblers is the prominent online gambling review website within the industry. They compile their information in a clear-cut way with complete transparency towards other casinos and the providers themselves. After being founded over a decade ago, they have been able to gather the knowledge and experience needed to be a trusted voice in the community. They wish to resolve disputes and bring together gamblers in the sense of comradery to share opinions on what they believe is the best of the best.

They especially place a strong emphasis on the gamblers themselves. They use the comment section and audience rating systems to find out what the players actually think and to let other players know these opinions as well.

To prove themselves, they have even won major awards for their services towards reviewing casino services. They won “Best Casino Website” in 2017 and 2016 by iGaming Business and “Best Casino Affiliate in 2015, 2012 and 2010. Finally, they were placed in EGR’s 50 Power Affiliates List for a total of six years.


For pure entertainment in the online gambling industry, there is no better website to captivate this than with OnlineSlotsX. This site not only has everything you need to know, but they portray this information in an exciting and refreshing perspective. They focus heavily on the hype that is built around the games, the amount of money you can earn from bonuses, the fun you can have from playing the demos.

Everything about this site screams out a passion for the community and the services that accustom themselves towards them. Friendly, safe gaming and exciting opportunities can all be found on this site, igniting the spark that comes from this community and channelling it into the fans who love gambling with every ounce of their being.


A massive library of casino services that are all ready to be played reviewed and discussed in various manners. When it comes to knowledge on slot games, this website has you covered in almost all areas. From the many different providers to the works of indie studios. There are currently over 10,000 slot games that players can play for free, with over 1,200 reviews attached to the casinos that house them.

This in-depth collection gathers over 1 million viewers per month, making it one of the busiest sites in the industry. Every slot game that is available to play for free comes with a detailed review as well as all the information related to it. You can even play the games for real money if you wish, following the links provided.


Adopting a more informed and professional mindset, Aff Gambler is here for all your needs to explain online gambling in an efficient manner. Here, gamblers can find information on almost all aspects of the online services. The type of information you want can be easily selected from the sub-menu that appears at the top of the website. There you can find various pieces such as bonuses, bonus codes, casino news reports, blogs to follow and the games themselves.

Primarily, the site focuses on the reports and news on the gambling industry itself. The details come from many different sources, all reliable and credited. You can find what new games are coming out and new deals that show what providers will be working with which casino. The bonuses you can receive are also heavily talked about, updated regularly on what new deals will be available for players on a weekly basis.


A simple and trustworthy site that relies heavily on providing what needs to be said and getting straight to the point. Here they offer lists on what the top services are currently on offer and who are considered the best casinos to play with. They operate mainly in the UK, giving out information on the best services within that jurisdiction and the surrounding areas connected to it.

Naming themselves “Scams” makes it apparent that they wish to show everyone the safest and most secure casino services available online. To help with this, on their main page is a list of standard that they hold all casino services too in order to prove their trustful nature. “The 7 Gambling Site Safety Standard” focus on fair bonuses, website encryption software, proper licensing, responsible gambling partnerships, professional customer support contacts, secure payment methods and other important qualities.


Operating on large-scale professionalism, GamblingSites is all about offering a presentation to deliver exceptional quality info. The website contains tons of info, detailed in a way that is easy to understand and smoother to navigate through.

The main page itself contains a basic synopsis on how trustworthy and reliable these top casinos are and what they can do for those who are interested. Not only do they include information on these services, but they also offer expert advice on where to go or which casinos they should try first.

The reviews and information are also available to a multitude of countries. Both US, UK, Australian and Canadian gambling have their own sections on the site, meaning you can just click on them to gain information in your area. GamblingSites truly care more about the global expansion than any other site and brings a strong sense of community from all corners of the world.


A website that focuses on the friendlier online aspects of the gambling community. They house a multitude of different sections that come together fluidly to bring out the best part of each service. With its blue aesthetic and colourful design choices, this shows a website that you can trust to bring you honest reviews and impactful advice on how to interact with the gambling world.

You can find tips, blogs and news reports to see just what is going on, all the while keeping you in touch with other gamblers so that you can all learn from each other in the sense of comradery.

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