Making life easier
A Royal & Sunalliance case study

Page 1: Introduction

For businesses to survive and prosper, they must listen to and fulfil the needs of their customers. Businesses are harnessing the advantages of developments in information and communications technology, in order to provide improved services to customers. At the same time, customer expectations about speed and efficiency of service have increased, e.g. in banking, busy customers want instant access...
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Page 2: The Insurance sector

Royal & SunAlliance sells most of its commercial insurance through Insurance Brokers. Royal & SunAlliance analysed its business and identified that: small businesses were generating an increasing amount of business small business customers were not always getting very good service more profit could be made from insurance for small businesses by making processes and systems slick...
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Page 3: Developing the small business strategy

Royal & SunAlliance decided to develop a new approach to providing insurance to Brokers working with small businesses. It worked with Brokers to develop the customer proposition, which focused on: making life easier for the Broker providing quick, slick and efficient service giving Brokers access to experienced underwriters offering a very competitive price offering insurance policies...
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Page 4: Launching Enterprise

Enterprise was a major project for Royal & SunAlliance. It has been successful for a wide variety of reasons: Involving people Involving people from many teams within Royal & SunAlliance in developing, shaping and implementing the ideas achieved widespread ‘buy-in’ to and understanding of the whole Enterprise concept, making implementation much easier. Involving Brokers in...
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Page 5: Measuring the benefits of Enterprise

Royal & SunAlliance measures how successful Enterprise is by using the ‘Business Balanced Scorecard’ (BBS). This business model is based on the principle that the four elements of running a business – People, Process, Customer, Financial - must be in balance for a business to be really successful. The results of Enterprise can be summarised as follows: People: Royal &...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Enterprise was fully launched by July 2000 and has achieved its objectives. Enterprise has benefited everyone involved in it – customers, Brokers, people in the Enterprise teams and Royal & SunAlliance as a whole. Enterprise is successful because it has achieved a good balance between the four segments of the BBS.However, true customer focus means that Royal & SunAlliance has kept...
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