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Running outdoor event

The weather in the UK rarely suits the plans that we like to make. Rain causes issues for outdoor events even in the summer, and whether that event is a family barbecue or the Diamond Jubilee, the weather doesn’t care. Festivals that would typically sell out have started to come in under capacity over the last couple of years because attendees opted to skip the events out of fear that they would turn into a soggy, muddy mess.

We can’t control the weather, but we can make sure that the events are fun anyway. Here’s a few ideas to make outdoor events that little bit more fun at any time.

If you’re attending an event,  pack decent clothing. When the weather isn’t great you want to be covered up – wellies and waterproofs will leave you feeling more comfortable. Even if you don’t like the way you look, think of it this way – would you rather be muddy but comfortable in waterproof trousers or soggy and miserable with your favorite outfit potentially ruined?

Plan something else to do if the weather gets bad – pick a pub that you’ll head to when it’s raining, and take cover quick if the weather looks bad.

Instead of canceling if you wanted to go somewhere and it’s looking like ran, alter your plans and have something to do indoors – go to the event anyway but move on if it gets too wet.

Take a gazebo and use that if there are light showers. If a group of people pool together you can buy one quite cheaply.

As an organiser, there are things that you can do to make things more comfortable for everyone who attends:

Have an indoor space that you can use if the weather isn’t great.

Use wood chips to soak up the muddy sludge that starts to build up if you are hosting an outdoor event. These will help you stay outdoors in  light showers.

Provide storage for wet wellies, umbrellas, coats, etc as people head into marquees.

Use gazebos, marquees or other outdoor shelters to keep people dry. Make sure it is part of the event branding. If you would prefer not to purchase these, they are available for hire, and can be easily themed to suit the event.

Have hot drinks provision to keep people warm and comfortable.

If you run events, how do you keep people happy in the wet weather?

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