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How can businesses expand their audience with virtual events

If you’re planning to host any corporate virtual event for your business, you will need an event services UK, so that you don’t have to plan the event schedule and to organize alone.

There many event management service companies in the UK that you can select and consult with your event requirements. They’ll work according to your given needs and will make sure your event goes terrific.

How Can Businesses Expand Their Audience with Virtual Events?

1. Define Your Audience:

If you’re about to conduct an event, make sure to keep in mind the audience. Your event will get no benefits from the crowd with a cold audience who doesn’t need anything from your event. But, if you know what your targeted audience is, you will get a warm response from a small crowd, which will benefit you more than a large group with a non-targeted audience.

2.Creation of the Event Page:

If you’re planning to host any virtual event through any event management services in the UK or any other country. The first step to gain lots of audiences is to let people know about your upcoming event.

Now, how to let people know you’re about to arrange an event?  For this purpose, you have to make an engaging Event page to increase the event awareness among your audience. By engaging, I mean your headlines must be catchy, i.e., draws people’s attention towards your page.

Your graphical representation must be eye-catching. For this purpose, go for some highly talented graphic designer who can give you knowhow of the visual advertisement.

3. Send Newsletters:

If you own a business, you must have list of email subscribers because that’s understood. Wait, you don’t have an email list? Make sure you start creating one.

Send newsletters to your audience regarding your upcoming virtual event that you’re organizing to collaborate with an event service UK. Tell them the details of the event, in the email copy.

If you’re not writing engaging email copies, many copywriters can design a special email according to your subscribers that may engage a large percentage of your audience.

4. Social Media Platforms

Social media is the most potent source if you’re about to start something new. If you’re about to start any virtual event, the primary step to gain audience attention is social media platforms. About 4.57 Billion of the whole world’s population use social media. So, if you’re not promoting your events, business, and ideas at social media platforms, you’re losing much.

Now, how can I share my events with people in Social media? This part is not very tricky; you can start using your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. After your profiles, you can make an event page on Facebook and promote your idea using Facebook ads.

For Twitter, you can use your event hashtag and tweet on your page. If we talk about Instagram, this platform is best if you have videos related to your event.


The best method to do a task correctly is to practice it several times. For the sack of practice, make sure you host some mini webinars confined to specific people.

The mini-meetup sessions will help you in many ways:

  1. You can learn to interact using your own devices.
  2. You can share the recording of your webinar as an advertisement.
  3. Confidence is the key, and you will get the confidence to cast a magical spell on your audience so that they listen to you attentively.

6. Consider Talking To your Experts:

If you’re running a company, you must have some expert speakers who have experience in interacting with people in meetings or any event. Make sure to ask them about anything that you may have missed while preparing for it.

Arrange personal meet-up sessions with your experts, and learn from them. As it is said, learning is the key. If you want to know anything, meet the expert, and then read the expert.

7. Show Authenticity:

Now that your event services company has arranged everything for you, it’s time to host the event. Remember, hosting the event is the primary part of turning your audience into your permanent attendees.

To do this, you have to be authentic throughout the event. Make sure not to spread anything that can mislead your event participants into something you’re not part of.

If you’re recently shifted to virtual events, don’t think this is something different. Your business and idea are the same as it was during physical events. The only thing that changed is how to address people, so modify your tactics but remain real.

8. Engaging Content:

Suppose you’re hosting an event that is entirely arranged by your event management company, and you don’t want to ruin anything. But the things you’re sharing with the audience are outdated and not compelling. Can you convince your audience to remain with you in the future? For me, it’s a big NO.

Make sure your content is compelling enough to convert your attendees into your regular customer or client. So, work on your content more than you do on arranging your virtual event.

9. Questions and Answers Session:

Now that you have successfully conducted the virtual session planned by your virtual event organizing company. It’s the time to end your session with a robust question and answer session because Q&A’s have several benefits:

  1. In this session, your attendees will communicate back with you.
  2. Your answers may have satisfied them to be your regular customer or attendee in the future.
  3. Attendees feel comfortable if you allow them to ask you anything about their confusion.
  4. The best part is, they will understand very well if they get their answer.

10. Feedback session:

Feedback is critical if you care for your users. After the successful event, go to your event page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your website, and start discussing with Feedback.

The Feedback discussion will let other users understand how much you care for them, and this will help you rectify your small mistakes in any upcoming session in the future.


If you’re organizing a virtual event, make sure to go for the best event services in UK, and start telling people about your upcoming event using Social media, Email, website, and different forums.

After getting the audience in different ways, make sure to convert this cold audience into your audience, who will not be ready to miss your upcoming events by any means. For this, conduct an event using authentic knowledge, care for your attendees, ask questions, and Feedback.

The central part after the conduction of the event is to ask for Feedback at your Event page or forum.

Post-event Follow-ups are essential to keep in touch with your audience. In this way, they will always wait to hear from you. So. Make sure to send Follow-up emails, Facebook page posts, and tweets.

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