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Six Ways To Mix Up Your Working From Home Routine

Today, more individuals than ever are working from home. Because that switch has happened so quickly for so many, it’s easy to completely immerse yourself in work and forget to step away from your inbox. While working remotely definitely comes with its own pros and cons, every good routine needs a few changes occasionally to refresh your working environment. Here are some ideas to switch up your day-to-day remote work routine.

Switch Up Your Workspace

If you have been working remotely for a while now, you probably know all these tips for creating a productive workspace at home, such as having a dedicated space, making it comfortable, getting good lighting and others. 

It is true that space works for you, but just because you are used to something while working from home doesn’t always mean it’s the best solution. How about rearranging the table for a better view, purchasing a more comfortable chair to reduce the discomfort? Or maybe you just need a plant and other decorative elements to make your workspace happier or even another place in your home where you could try new landscapes? 

It’s time to get serious about your remote workspace. Take some time to identify what works for you and what doesn’t, and change it accordingly to make the next months more comfortable and work from home more effectively. Be sure to decorate your place and make it inspiring for you yet functional to work in. A few simple tweaks like an ergonomic chair, colourful office accessories and some framed pictures will make your home office and workday more enjoyable and productive.

Or Change The Location

As many countries all around the world are locking down once again, being stuck at home can get boring quickly, particularly for your work environment. But working from home doesn’t mean you have to be glued to your desk. Each shift to a new location and fresh scenery gives you a new perspective, puts you in a different mindset and can re-energise you if you are struggling with a challenging task.

In case you prefer to stay at home, you can spice up your working routine, even in a small apartment. Consider moving around your home from your work desk to sofa in your living room or your kitchen table, or simply make a long-awaited rearrangement of your furniture. 

You can also take your work outside, whether you live in an apartment with a balcony or a house with your own backyard. Most Wi-Fi signals extend outside of your living area, so you should be able to take your chair (or perhaps hang a hammock) and work without delays. Not only is this a perfect change in scenery, but you are also connecting with nature and getting extra oxygen, which is beneficial for both your body and mind. 

Use A Standing/Sitting Desk

You might wonder how a piece of furniture can change your work routine? Since remote work is pretty sedentary, investing in a standing desk will allow you to get up, give your body a brief break and get in some activity every day.

Change in movements not only reduces the boredom of your body and mind but also brings additional health benefits. Switching from sitting to standing position from time to time throughout the day improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and protects you from chronic pain and inflammation.

It is advised to sit for about 30-40 minutes and move to a standing position for 15-20 minutes while you work if it is convenient for you. As with sitting, you need to maintain correct posture when standing to avoid numbness and tingling.

Consider Trying CBD Oil

As a natural nutrient, CBD will significantly transform your daily working from home routine. Whether you choose to take a few drops of oil such as VAAY CBD oil, take a soothing bath with a CBD-infused bath bomb, or swallow a CBD capsule in the morning, this chemical compound will interact with the receptors of your biological endocannabinoid system found throughout the body. 

Results of such interaction will transform into reduced anxiety and pain levels, improved focus and energy levels, better mood and even sleep quality, all of which is crucial for your productivity while working from home. However, before putting CBD oil into your system, ensure you opt for proven brands like VAAY to purchase products only of high quality.

Experiment With Background Music

Have you been listening to the same tunes or Spotify playlist over and over again? It might be time to try something new. Make sure to mix things up with a new genre of music or a playlist based on a mood you want to channel, like ‘productive music’, ‘happy music’ or ‘concentration music’. As an alternative, you can turn on podcasts or audiobooks to listen to while working.

Set Aside Some Time To Get Outside

Now that spring is almost here, fresh air and sunshine can go a long way in fighting cabin fever. Spending time outdoors during the day will truly change your mood and productivity. Before you get to work, you can fit in some outdoor time and take a walk around the neighbourhood to wake up, clear your mind and determine your intentions for the upcoming day. Or you can incorporate brisk walks during the day to break your work hours into manageable chunks of time, whether it’s a few short walks or one long walk.

The end of the day is also a great time to go outside when you can decompress and relax. You also don’t need to spend a lot of time outside to reap the benefits – quick stretching breaks, meditation or yoga sessions within your working day brings a pleasant change of pace. Or, even easier, just open the windows to get some fresh air in your workplace.

It’s nice to have a daily routine, but sometimes you need to tweak it a bit. Since working from home is a new normal these days, feel free to experiment and see what changes you can make to renew and improve your work-from-home routine as well as your motivation and productivity.

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