Social marketing in the new millennium
A Sky case study

Page 1: Introduction

There is a growing consensus within society that companies should take a more active and structured approach to the relationships they have with the various communities they serve. Corporate social responsibility is the way in which a company demonstrates its commitment to contributing something positive to its stakeholders and society. Social marketing is a new approach to traditional...
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Page 2: Social marketing strategy

In order to develop a truly successful social marketing strategy, five golden rules apply: 1. Reflect core brand values Consumers are more likely to understand and retain marketing messages if they make sense. This is especially true of social marketing; the cause or social issue, lying at the heart of the social marketing strategy must connect with the values of the brand or consumers will be...
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Page 3: Meeting marketing objectives

A decade has passed since Sky Television started the revolution in British television. UK television previously consisted of just four channels.  In 1989 Sky Television transformed television by offering a range of new and diverse channels. The following ten years were dedicated to increasing the Sky customer base. The company further developed the choice of programming on offer...
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Page 4: Devising the strategy

In devising the strategy, Sky focused on: The brand Sky’s brand values influence everything the company does and says. The Sky brand represents more than just television; it is about choice and making the most out of life.Sky’s brand values are: creativity choice connection entertaining innovative. The challenge The social marketing challenge for Sky was to identify how its mission...
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Page 5: Creating an integrated campaign

Sky designed the Reach For The Sky initiative as an integrated media campaign, offering teenagers throughout the country the opportunity to recognise their hidden talents and see how they can be applied to a diverse range of career choices in the new millennium. The Reach For The Sky programme consists of the following components: A series of inspirational television announcements, featuring...
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Page 6: Conclusion

This case study explains the steps Sky Television took in developing a social marketing programme designed to inspire young people about themselves and their future opportunities. Reach For The Sky is helping Sky to build its brand, attract new customers and encourage loyalty in existing customers by demonstrating a genuine commitment to the provision of more choice, creativity and connection with...
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