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Social media the good and the bad

Social media the good and the bad

The Positive and Negative Use of Social Media by Students These Days

Social media is an online platform where people can connect and share their thoughts and ideas about different topics. Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are just some examples of social networking sites. These websites have people from all over the world, building social connections with each other. Everyone’s aware of how social media is of significant importance these days. But how much do we know about social media’s benefits and drawbacks?

Students on social media have plenty of platforms available to them. They can record their day and share it with people on YouTube. They can set up accounts on Instagram and Facebook and keep in touch with friends and family. 

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If you want to know more about the good and the bad that social media offers, keep on reading.

What Are the Positive Impacts?

There are a lot of benefits that students can get out of using social media. Some of these benefits are:

  • Online Learning

This is one of the significant advantages. Students can easily understand concepts through videos that professionals share on YouTube.

  • Enhances Academic Knowledge

Students can gain more knowledge with the help, they can gather a lot of information through blogs, articles, and journals available online.

  • The Students Can Build A Relationship

It’s easier for students to connect, they can open up to one another by chatting online and can study together online too.

What Are the Negative Impacts?

If students begin to misuse social media, they’ll come face to face with the disadvantages it brings.

  • Waste Of Time

Many students may misuse this facility and waste their time chatting with friends rather than studying for the test the next day.

  • Students Get Comfortable Having Online Conversations

Instead of going out and having a one on one conversation, students get lazy and start relying on social media as a form of communication. Slowly, people lose the ability to make a good conversation in person.

  • Continuous Use Is Not Healthy

Social media is a distraction that can have students glued to their phones. This can also strain their eyes and have them hunched over all day.


Social media is a great help when it comes to letting people communicate, socialize, learn, and have fun. However, to get the most out of its benefits, it must be used in a moderate amount. Spending a lot of time using gadgets and laptops can result in both physical and mental stress for students.

Social media in the 21st century has now become a lot more convenient than it used to be. While this means it’s easier to use, it also means that students rely on social media to build relationships rather than putting in the effort of going out and meeting people. The answer to whether it is more beneficial or harmful, though, lies in how you use it.

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