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The kingdom of coworking why coworking space in the UK is hot property

Conventional office space in the right location in any one of the UK’s esteemed business districts used to be something businesses aspired to. However, the office solutions industry has virtually turned the game around where accessing premium office space is concerned for the small business person. Today, start-ups and freelancers, alike, will find they have more choice in terms of where and what type of office space is available.

The coworking space, for one, has revolutionised the way Britons work. Since its inception as a way for start-ups to defray overhead, the entire world has benefitted from this flexible, affordable office space plan. For example, through a coworking space in the UK – Servcorp UK, for example – Britons get the full range of office amenities at a fraction of conventional leasing, but Britons are flocking toward coworking for a variety of reasons.

Keep reading to learn why UK professionals are moving toward the shared space alternative.

Trend Toward Shared Space

Today’s office trends point to industries seeing the overall benefit of shared space. While freelancers and start-ups are the original beneficiaries of this office space type, SMEs and larger businesses see the potential to apply some aspects of the coworking model to their own offices. For example, the whole activity-based work part of coworking really appeals to all business.

Plus, professionals see the benefit of being able to move away from remote-working situations or working at home into office space that cannot only provide the tools to work but also provide the necessary social interaction that is usually a part of work. The coworking space eliminates professionals from suffering from the isolation that comes with working away from other professionals. Ultimately, the trend toward sharing workspace comes from the need for affordable office space and a need for professionals to work with like-minded people.

Reduces Overhead

The coworking space, first and foremost, reduces the costs associated with leasing office space. Businesses and professionals pay one monthly bill at the end of the month, which includes desk space, office equipment, high-speed internet, and utilities (electricity, water, sewage). For the cost, businesses get great value from sharing space in some of the best business districts in the country.

Piccadilly Price On A Liverpool Budget

If working in one of the country’s larger cities, the coworking space can actually place you in premium locations. In London, for example, businesses can work in the more established West End of the city or move into historic London where many of its world-renowned landmarks exist. With London rents being one of the highest in the world, leasing space conventionally would completely shut out many businesses and start-ups. The coworking space, however, provides businesses access to exclusive business centres in and around London.

Establishing A Business Platform

The coworking space, more importantly, creates opportunities for businesses to develop relationships. More than establishing a cache of friendships, this foundation can be the catalyst for business. The collaboration is one of the offshoots of creating these types of business relationships. The collaboration is one way of not only exchanging information and working together but also in providing visibility for your venture. These activities in the workspace end up creating traction for building your business, and sometimes very quickly.

Coworking In The UK

Coworking has become more than a trend and a solution to office space woes. The space is a viable solution for people who want a break from the isolation that comes from working at home or working alone. More importantly, it has evolved to become a way to establish valuable relationships necessary to build an empire.

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