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The search for beauty that shapes our lives

We are always projected towards the search for beauty, in all its forms. Unconsciously, perhaps completely unconsciously, we choose to place our gaze on aesthetically satisfying objects, with the aim of satisfying one of the most deeply rooted drives in the human soul: the love of beauty. Nowadays, brands and companies try more and more to offer beautiful and aesthetically pleasing products, with an extremely gratifying visual identity, or even with an impressive packaging, thus capturing the eye of the observer and hitting him directly to the heart.

In the age of smartphones and artificial intelligence, in which every exquisitely human ability seems to be suffocated by the power of technology, it is still possible to preserve – keeping it almost intact – the instinctive perception of beauty, an awareness that springs up in the human soul in a split second, sparking off without any external mediation. When we see attractive packaging, or while we are immersed in the vision of a film with breathtaking special effects, our attention is captured instantaneously, without the need to resort to any kind of artifice. Our senses, instinctively, are led to the fruition of beauty, to its unconscious consumption, just for the pleasure of enjoying a few moments of pure physiological satisfaction.

The image revolution

For companies and brands, always in need of capturing the attention of their consumers, finding new marketing strategies based on the aesthetic beauty of products, or even of the virtual services offered, becomes an absolute priority, especially nowadays, in a period in which communication – online and offline – is increasingly visual, focused on the quality of the image.

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By proposing glimpses of beauty for the eyes of their customers, brands activate mental mechanisms based not only on a taste for beauty, but also on the archetypes of reference for certain cultures or entire populations. These characteristics are only perceivable at an unconscious level, but have always been part of the collective imagination of human beings. Nike, for example, tells the story of the hero, while Ikea uses the archetype of the common man. In this kind of mental figurations, well rooted in the unconscious of each of us, aesthetics play an essential, even decisive role. In addition to the functional and expressive characteristics, each archetype must in fact have a very precise appearance, in all respects corresponding to the characteristics imagined in advance by the individual in his ancestral baggage of archetypes.

The world’s most renowned architectural firms are constantly seeking the perfect balance between form and function, designing buildings – or products – that combine aesthetic appeal with practicality of use. In some cases, the end consumer is inclined to choose a particular product for its coolness, for its external characteristics, relegating practical functionality to a slightly lower level. From this point of view, Apple and its flagship products are perhaps the best example, although obviously they are not the only ones to fall into this category. Some brands that specialize in mattress sales, such as US-based Casper, have based a good portion of their business strategy on the beauty of its visual identity, which is capable of creating pleasant associations of thought in each observer.

High resolution entertainment

Even the purchase of televisions, nowadays, is closely linked to the quality of the image, to purely visual characteristics, perceptible to the human eye in an infinitesimal time. Most people are in fact naturally inclined to prefer devices capable of transmitting high-resolution images, with powerful and aesthetically pleasing effects.

By virtue of their very characteristics, videogames are also able to plunge their users into a colorful universe of high-definition graphic effects, in which image quality represents one of the essential reasons for the actual purchase. Those who play, especially nowadays, are driven by the desire to immerse themselves more and more deeply in the virtual reality they are experiencing, becoming one with what they see on the screen. If the game experience is further enhanced by the quality of the images, the player will abandon himself with even greater pleasure, experiencing the magnificent sensation of being in another dimension, dominated by bright colors and breathtaking aesthetic effects. Just think of a game like Forza Horizon 4, whose graphic system has been able to reproduce the universe of racing almost to perfection, with a realism that verges on perfection. Another example of this growing attention to the quality of graphics is Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, with its extremely realistic landscapes imbued with a timeless classicism, so well done that they seem more concrete than reality.

Some of the best online casinos also offer very similar gaming experiences, based first and foremost on image quality and high-definition graphics. In addition to offering a fully personalized service, handled by some of the best experts in the industry, this platform ensures an unparalleled quality of play, even for the less experienced, guiding users to find a game that suits their tastes and needs. And almost always, the choice falls on the game that can offer an attractive aesthetic, electrifying, able to offer a perfect scenario in which to have fun and win in total serenity, without any kind of anxiety.

In an era in which communication is essentially visual, those who bet on the aesthetic beauty and quality of high-definition graphics have already won.

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