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Three reasons instructional design is best left to the pros

Providing corporate training is no more an option for businesses. Whether it’s attracting and retaining top talent or creating a skilled, high-performance team, corporate training is the answer.

With that said, training that delivers real significant ROI is not easy (or cheap) to develop or deliver. While the market is flooded with affordable tools that enable easy and effective delivery of training material, developing material that will truly make a difference is the real challenge.

In the age of start-ups and blending professional roles, many businesses are inclined to do as much as they can by themselves. In fact, providing training is a known (and effective) way of building in house expertise.

However, merely having a subject matter expert on board does not guarantee the development of an effective course curriculum. 

This is where instructional design companies come in. These are professionals that are trained in creating effective online and face-to-face course materials by using principles of learning theory and cognitive science.

So what do instructional design companies bring to the table? What are the advantages of working with them? Let’s find out:

Instructional Design Is More Effective, According To Science

As mentioned earlier, instructional designers are trained in developing course material grounded in cognitive science and learning theory. 

A 2018 survey has proven that such courses (developed using instructional design practices) are better at engaging students and in turn, drive better results. Improved retention of course material to enhance enthusiasm in learners are just two of the many positive results you can expect to drive from a professionally developed course curriculum.

Course Material That Goes Beyond The Expertise Of Your Subject-Matter-Expert

Developing course material in house with the help of subject matter experts has long been the norm. However, such courses only revolve around the information that you want to impart and make little considerations for the learners. 

Subject matter experts may be great at their specific subject but more often than not, they know very little about how human beings learn. 

An instructional designer’s job is to translate the expertise of your subject matter expert into a language that a beginner student will be able to understand. Further, an instructional designer also ensures that the course material is presented in a way that ensures the best possible retention levels, ultimately improving the results of your training initiative.

Speedy Delivery With Reduced Costs

When you work with an instructional design company, you get access to not only a team of expert instructional designers, but to state-of-the-art course development technology that ensures speedy delivery of your course material.

As a result of the reduced man hours, the cost of developing the course is less than what it would cost to develop in house. Moreover, outsourcing course development ensures your current employees don’t find themselves wearing the hat of an instructional designer, and are completely focused on what they do best.

Similarly, when you outsource course material development, your investment of time that goes into overseeing the process is also reduced. This means, like your employees, you can also concentrate on your core business functions.


In conclusion, an instructional design company can help you develop course material that is more effective, without driving up the cost of development.

Have you ever tried outsourcing your course material development? How was your experience? Share with us in the comment section below!

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