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Tips for creating high quality secure ID cards for your business

Companies, organizations, and government entities can all benefit from the use of secure ID cards. This is especially true for companies that require extra security such as those in the field of healthcare. These ID cards can not only be used as a form of identification for workers but can also be used to control access to specific areas within a building. In many cases, they are used in combination with HID proximity cards.

If you are in the process of putting together ID cards for your business, be sure to follow these tips:

  1. Use a high-quality printer for crystal-clear text and images.

Badges or ID cards for workers need to be printed with high-quality text and images. This requires a printer that is capable of producing clear printing that is easy to view and read. If you use a low-quality printer, the ID cards lose their usefulness, making them difficult to verify at security checkpoints.

You should choose a printer that produces consistent quality from one card to the next. A top-of-the-line ID card printer is essential if you want high-resolution images that are easy to identify.

The best printers on the market come with their own software programs, enabling you to design ID cards that perfectly fit with your preferences and with the needs of your business. Each card can be identical or you can create individual cards on a case-by-case basis. High-end badge printers also have extra features. For instance, some printers are capable of printing on both sides of the cards while others can produce holographic images, smart card encoding, and can even handle lamination.

  1. Use Security Features to Protect Your Business

The extra security provided by secure ID cards is one of the primary reasons why government entities and businesses use these cards. There is no point in printing ID cards that don’t have at least some form of security built in. The amount of security that you require depends on the nature of your business. For businesses that don’t require a lot of security, something as simple as using a special color scheme on the cards may be enough. Designing a card that has specific colors, a unique design, and lamination can reduce the chances of someone trying to replicate it.

For many businesses, however, this doesn’t provide an adequate level of protection. Instead, they require extra security. Here are some of the methods that can be used to make the photo ID cards for your business more secure:

* Lamination that includes a holographic image

* Security features that glow under UV light

* Special watermarks

* Smart card technology

  1. Create branded ID cards for your business.

ID cards provide a unique branding opportunity. Incorporating the colors, logos, and other design features that are commonly associated with your business into the design of the cards can make them instantly recognizable to both your employees and your customers. As your employees use their ID cards around customers, the branded design gives off a professional impression while at the same time helping to solidify your brand in the minds of your customers.

  1. Combine branded ID cards with uniforms or other company accessories.

If you really want to take your branding to the next level, you should use branded ID cards along with uniforms or other accessories that include your company’s colors or logo. The combination of ID cards and accessories can help create a professional image for your employees. Here are some options that you may want to consider:

Customized Lanyards

Having lanyards printed with your logo or with special text for your business can help create a cohesive look. Not only are lanyards convenient for staff members to use but they also make it easy to identify employees at a glance. That way, people are much more likely to be able to tell the difference between someone who is working at your place of business and someone who is just visiting. If you need to print these a lot then it may be worth considering ID card printing software. 

Card Reels With A Retractable Design

For businesses where employees need to regularly show their ID cards, retractable reels are a great option. The retractable reel can be latched onto an employee’s belt or clothing. Anytime they need to display their ID card, they can simply pull it out. After they show it to the person requesting it, it then automatically retracts back into place. This is a convenient option for cards that need to be accessed regularly for security checks or for accessing different parts of a building.

Lapel Clips

For employees who are uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a lanyard, a lapel clip may be a suitable alternative. These clips are designed to attach the ID card to the lapel of their shirt, making it easy to see and access.

Cardholders For ID Cards

Whether employees have one or more ID cards, using a cardholder is a convenient option. Some are made out of plastic while others are made out of more durable materials. There are both portrait and landscape cardholder options available.

Using high-quality ID cards at your place of business can not only improve security but it also provides a branding opportunity and can help you create a more professional look for your employees. If you are interested in learning more about the various printers and ID card accessories that are available, feel free to reach out to us for information, advice, and guidance.

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