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Tips for water damage coverage

Tips for water damage coverage
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When the water ravages the house due to leaks or water leaks, the Insurance guarantees the location and repair of the breakdown or offers compensation for damages caused as a result of small floods and leaks due to open taps or breakages in the installation.

It is important to note that, in order for the expenses to be able to locate the fault to be included in the policy and to replace or repair the section of the damaged conduits, they must be fixed and private of the insured dwelling.

Water damage caused by neighbours is also very common. When our policy covers this assumption, the Insurance takes care of the claim, even locates the fault and proceeds to repair. However, it must be verified that this cause is covered in the housing policy because it is one of the most frequent situations related to water. In either case, the damage must be repaired quickly so that the landlord can avoid any housing disrepair claims.

Damage Caused by Rain and Other Meteorological Phenomena

If the problems are caused by meteorological causes, the coverage of Water Damage can cover these incidents, provided they are included in the condition of the policy. In any case, the insured must prove that these meteorological phenomena have been responsible for the damage.

In addition, insurers establish rain, hail or snow as determining meteorological factors, with an intensity of more than 40 litres per square meter. Of course, to take charge of the incident they will ask the insured to prove these values, so they will have to go to the State Meteorological Agency and request a certificate.

Tips to Avoid Breakdowns and Water Leaks in the Home

Home insurance can get us out of trouble when water-related problems appear in the home. However, preventing these situations is the best option. The poor condition of the pipes, carelessness and improper handling of water installation elements are the cause of various breakdowns that can often be avoided with proper maintenance and a series of habits that prevent traffic jams and small floods.

Here are Some Simple Tips:

Unclog the drains at the first clogging symptoms. A filter in the sink sump and a little care not to let food debris fall down the drain prevents clogging.

It is convenient to protect the sinks of sink and bathtub with filters. In addition, you should not use the toilet as a garbage can, depositing food, cardboard or cigarette butts.

Periodically check the tiling joints of the bathroom. If they are not waterproof, apply silicone to avoid small leaks and moisture.

Do not let the tank lose water and take care that the level does not rise to the overflow. Good maintenance of the tank and the siphon can avoid many problems.

Never leave taps open without being present. And if they cut the water, make sure all the taps are closed. In addition, it is advisable to always close the general stopcock when you leave home for a more or less long period of time. If you go on vacation, do not forget to leave a key to the apartment to a trusted person in case there is a need to enter your home in case of a fault of your own, of another floor or that affects the general installation.

Do not empty the heating installation, even if it remains out of service, except for repairs. Remember, in addition, that you have to purge the radiators before turning on the heating to take advantage of all the heat of the installation.

In cold areas, it is recommended that, especially at night, the pipes and hoses are emptied, and the general stopcock is closed to prevent the water contained in them from freezing and causing damage to the water pipes.

What to do if we have a Water Leak at Home

Perhaps, despite taking all precautions, you find yourself in the middle of a small flood at home caused by a water leak.

In those cases, these Simple Tips can help you:

The first thing to do if there is a spill from an open tap or a breakdown is to try to turn off the tap and immediately collect the water using towels or cloths. It is better to use these types of fabrics, more absorbent than mops.

If the spill has been caused by a breakage of any pipe or tap, and it is not possible to close it, the general stopcock must be closed, and the water collected. In the event of a breakdown, notify a plumber or your Home Insurance to take care of the accident.

When water leakage occurs on the lower floor, it is usually due to the siphoning boat breaking. In those cases, it is also necessary to close the stopcock and not use the installation until the problem has been fixed.

In a block of houses, there is a probability that we will suffer a leak originating from the floor above. In that case, it must be communicated to the neighbour immediately so that the flow of water is interrupted and demand the repair of possible damage caused by the breakdown. They are unpleasant situations between neighbours, which are solved with relative ease when home insurance acts and the origin of the problem is detected.

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