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Things to Consider When Repairing Your Boiler

 Repairing Your Boiler
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Boilers play an essential role in providing warmth and comfort to our homes and establishments. Still, many people don’t realise the diverse range of energy sources that can be utilised to meet our heating and hot water needs. Among the most common types of boilers, we find gas boilers, electric boilers, combi and hydrogen, and each boiler offers a unique set of advantages.

Gas boilers, for instance, are highly efficient and provide a reliable source of heat, rendering them an excellent choice for many households. On the other hand, electric boilers offer a more environmentally friendly option, as they generate heat without producing harmful emissions, ensuring a clean and sustainable energy choice.

Last but not least, the innovative combi or combination boilers deliver both heating and hot water within a single unit, leading to an optimal user experience and space-saving benefits. In recent years, hydrogen boilers have emerged as a promising new technology, tapping into hydrogen gas as a low-emission fuel that can help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. As we continue to explore new and improved energy sources, boilers remain the cornerstone of our heating systems, adapting and evolving to suit our ever-changing needs.

Repairing Boilers in London.

However, any homeowner knows that boilers can be complex appliances, with many interconnected components crammed into a white box to maximise space and efficiency. Boilers can become unexpectedly faulty, meaning emergency repairs may be required – sometimes they’re straightforward, and sometimes they’re complex. Complex emergency repairs are expensive, and homeowners have to weigh up the residual value left in their boiler against frequent emergency repair costs.

It may be more advantageous in certain cases to replace the boiler with newer parts, as replacement parts can quickly become obsolete. Heating engineers can help assess whether repairs or replacements are most suitable, and emergency services give coverage if you need to get help in a hurry. Ensure your chosen emergency service has experienced heating engineers who can efficiently identify and fix the problem with minimal disruption.

However, repairing boilers is a must-service for homeowners and businesses alike for the following reasons:

  • An inefficient boiler prone to regular breakdowns can result in a loss of productivity and income.
  • Inefficient and/or aged boiler repairs can be costly in the long run.

Boilers should be regularly serviced and maintained by a registered gas-safe engineer who will ensure it’s working efficiently, giving optimum boiler performance; in other words, somebody who knows what they are doing!

For many homeowners, boilers can be a source of frustration, especially if breakdowns are on the increase. Fortunately, some problems, such as fixing a faulty thermostat or stopping a minor leak, are often easily fixed by the keen DIY-er with the right tools. However, the extent of the repair stops right there, and any other type of repair must be left to a gas-registered or heating engineer!

Having your boiler serviced towards the end of summer is a way of avoiding an emergency breakdown in the midst of winter.

The most typical boiler issues.

  • Water pressure issues
  • The radiators aren’t producing any heat
  • Radiators are hot at the bottom but cold at the top
  • Gurgling or banging sounds (kettling)
  • The pilot light is out
  • The pilot flame has an orange appearance when it should be blue
  • Water leaks
  • Frozen condensate pipe
  • Boiler is not responding to the thermostat

What’s the typical lifespan of a gas boiler?

With proper maintenance, boilers can last far beyond 10-15 years+, but it won’t just happen without regular checks and proper maintenance. Suppose you are thinking about replacing your boiler in your London property. In that case, it’s important to select the right size of boiler for family or business needs.

Take into careful consideration the following reasons:

  • It must meet the heating and hot water requirements of your family.
  • Selecting a boiler with a higher Kw output than needed will waste money. Likewise, a boiler with a lower Kw that does not meet the family’s or business’s needs will be money wasted.

This is easily remedied by engaging a serviceteam gas engineer who will survey the property and give recommendations specifically based on the family’s needs and property size.

Boiler warranty

Leading brands like Worcester Bosch and Vaillant come with extended 12-year warranties. It’s important to read the warranty terms to know exactly what you are or is not covered in the warranty. One thing the manufacturer will insist on is an annual boiler service. If you forget, there is a break in the service history, and a breakdown may invalidate the warranty or boiler cover leaving you to pay for the repair!

If you are with serviceteam in London, rest assured your annual boiler service won’t be forgotten. Our CRM software automatically sends you a reminder email when it’s due.  

Boiler pressure

If you’re having difficulty balancing the boiler water pressure, our gas engineers are here to provide assistance.

Minor boiler repairs

Suppose you’ve encountered a few minor issues with your boiler or central heating system and choose to ignore them; they could, before long, become a major issue. So, it’s best not to ignore any boiler symptoms and get it sorted by serviceteam. A serviceteam engineer will diagnose the problem within the first 30 minutes of being on-site. If we can get the boiler up and running within the first hour, we will!

Radiator issues

If some radiators are hotter than others when some are cold at the top and hot at the bottom, it could mean that sludge has accumulated in the system.

How to resolve this? A power flush of the radiators and system will remove any sludge, gunk or gloopy debris lurking in the radiators or system if bleeding them hasn’t worked. Over time ‘gunk’ will build in radiators to a level that prevents or restricts water circulation. A power flush will cleanse the radiators and enhance water circulation. The system will then be topped up with an inhibitor to keep the system clean.

What is the cost of repairing boilers in London?

The cost will vary depending on the nature of the fault. Minor repairs can cost from £100-200, but repairing an old boiler (20 years+) that’s well and truly out of warranty could cost anything from £300-500 upwards, providing the parts are still available and not obsolete!

If you’re concerned about repair costs, it may be time to consider replacing your boiler.

It’s easy to miss potential boiler issues throughout the summer when the system needs to be fixed. Servicing your boiler before the winter season makes perfect sense.

Safety first

Safety should always come foremost when choosing a boiler. If your boiler is outdated, it may not be operating safely or in accordance with current regulations.

As an example, your boiler may be at risk of emitting carbon monoxide (CO). A qualified engineer will be able to advise you if your boiler can continue to be used or whether it needs to be isolated under the ID classification (Immediately Dangerous).

Repair or replace your boiler?

This is always a tough call. Do I replace or do I repair it? If it’s beyond economical repair (BER), then it is wise to replace it.


An example:

How old is the boiler, e.g. 10+ years?

The purchase Cost of the boiler (back then), say £2,000.

Depreciation, per annum, is approx £200.

10yrs x 200 = £2,000.

That means there is zero residual value left in the boiler!

If the boiler is 9 years old, then there is still £200 left in the boiler’s residual value. Which means any repair under £200 is acceptable and probably worth it (until the next repair)? However, there is no guarantee the existing ‘old’ components within your boiler won’t fail at some stage, maybe even soon after the repair.

Who knows? Also, remember, these ‘old’ components won’t be under any guarantee if and when they do! If the boiler has some residual value left, you can squeeze in another repair, as the example above demonstrates.

Next example:

The boiler is 11 years old, residual value of ZERO, plus the boiler is no longer under guarantee (it may also be challenging to obtain insurance coverage on an old boiler). With the above example, let’s say the PCB has failed; the cost of a PCB and labour is approx. £288+ inc VAT, and there’s no guarantee that other parts within the boiler won’t fail in the short or long term (all unpredictable). 

This is when you have to decide whether you need to repair or replace it.

If you do decide to replace your old boiler with a reliable, energy-efficient A+ rated one with up to 10-12+ years manufacturer’s warranty, then you will have peace of mind knowing you are covered for any repair costs in the future (subject to manufacturer’s terms).

When there’s no residual value left in the old boiler or any boiler cover, breakdowns become a concern time to investigate what type of boiler is best for your family or business needs. An efficient and reliable replacement service can often be found right here in London with a reputable provider or service. It’s essential to research their services beforehand to ensure they’re providing quality coverage; this will allow you peace of mind if you ever need emergency repairs due to a boiler system malfunction.

  • Over the medium/long term, a new boiler will be more economical than costly repairs.
  • We appreciate that other external factors will impact your decision, i.e., being unable to finance a new boiler.
  • Solution: Serviceteam offers interest-free finance for up to two years on new boiler installations – please enquire for a ‘free, no-obligation boiler replacement quotation.

Any repairs should be covered if your boiler is still under warranty. Still, you may be denied coverage if there is a break in the annual boiler service history. Any repair costs will be your responsibility!

At serviceteam, we understand the importance of maintaining your boiler to ensure hot water and heating are ‘on tap’ when needed. One of our qualified heating engineers in London will diagnose the fault and help assess your need and provide you with a quotation to repair or replace it.

Visit our website and book a service engineer online and receive a discount. Alternatively, call our help desk, and a team member will gladly assist you.

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