Delivering a superior customer experience
A TNT case study

Page 1: Introduction

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The reputation of a business may be affected by what its customers think and say about its products or services. This is driven by the experience of customers when dealing with the business. High quality customer service will encourage customers to become regular or repeat users or purchasers. On the other hand, a poor customer experience may damage a business through loss of consumer...
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Page 2: Why is customer focus so important?

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Customer service is a series of activities designed to deliver customer satisfaction. The process of providing customer satisfaction is based on an understanding of what customers want and need. Effective businesses aim to anticipate and meet or exceed these needs. It also requires effective communication.  A high quality customer experience needs to apply from initial contact through to...
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Page 3: The customer experience at TNT

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TNT’s market is highly competitive. In TNT’s market there are at least 13 direct competitors. TNT’s Customer Promise is designed to deliver a competitive advantage, something that competitors will find hard to copy. As well as providing a ‘superior customer experience’, the Promise: supports TNT’s market-leading position helps to retain existing customers and...
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Page 4: Communicating the promise

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TNT’s people meet with or talk to customers on a regular basis. They are the public face of the organisation and represent its brand values; they hear first hand what customers want or like. TNT recognises that its Customer Promise will therefore only be effectively delivered if its employees understand every aspect of the customer relationship. Part of setting up the Customer Promise...
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Page 5: Recognising the people behind the promise

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Employees are one of the most important resources a service organisation has and TNT’s ability to deliver its Customer Promise rests in its people. Effective organisations need engaged people who have the skills to deliver the company’s aims and objectives. This needs a two-way commitment. Employees need to be committed to the organisation; the organisation needs to support and...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Effective customer service involves meeting or exceeding customer needs. However, customer service is not just about what you do for your customers, it also concerns how the service is carried out. TNT monitors and measures performance to ensure its activities are delivering the strategy. For example, it conducts telephone interviews each week with a sample of customers to review their perceptions...
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