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Top 3 Places To Buy A League Of Legends Account: A Detailed Guide

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League of Legends has become the top pick for every young adult now when it comes to online gaming. Also, with the growing edge of gaming popularity, the developers have planned to bring in new remunerative technologies for the gamers at a premium game zone. Implementing this will not only give a boost up to the players but will also smoothen their gameplay.  With smooth and easy access to mechanization, the process of selling and buying accounts has been easier. Having a League of Legends account has become essential for gamers.

We know that every player out there has sometimes in their visuals imagined having a League of Legends account for themselves. And having an affordable worthy account is still a dream for many. Well, we bring to you the best places from where you can fetch yourself the most worthy and affordable lifetime gaming account.

Top-Picks For You

1.   UnrankedSmurfs

UnrankedSmurfs has hundreds of LoL accounts for you for sale and many smurfs account for different regions. In case you wish to buy a League of Legends account for you or your friends to play together, do not forget to check out their account store. They have many Level 30 LoL accounts for sale, and you won’t find a better place on the internet other than Unranked Smurfs to fulfill your demands. With amazing buyer protections and payment security gateways they never fail their customers’ expectations.

Why Should You Buy An Lol Account From Unrankedsmurfs?

  • The safest place for you to buy

At UnrankedSmurfs they take care of your concerns and safety very sincerely. The payments made by customers are completely secured by PCI compliance with 100% safety, and the website is protected by SSL for additional security. They provide recovery details as well when you buy an account, so if anything happens to the account, you can easily recover it with UnrankedSmurfs.

  • Lifetime Guarantee

If your League of Legends account gets banned or becomes faulty due to any factor, UnrankedSmurfs will replace your account with a brand new account without charging anything to you. This brings to you a lifetime assurance of your account.

  • Discount codes and RP

If you become a dedicated and loyal customer of UnrankedSmurfs, and connect with them on social media and stay updated with their mailing lists, you can avail yourself of discounts and coupon codes at times. UnrankedSmurfs creates giveaway contests for their customers wherein you can get your hands on RP and LoL merch.

  • Various availability of accounts

UnrankedSmurfs brings to you a wide range of account offerings. Ranked accounts like Iron and bronze accounts, gold and silver accounts, platinum accounts, diamond accounts, master accounts, etc. Other accounts such as NA accounts, EUW accounts, EUNE accounts, OCE accounts, PBE accounts, etc.

2.   Happy Smurfs

Happy Smurfs offers the highest quality League of Legends smurf accounts you can get in the market. Their quality assurance makes you avail of the full Lifetime Ban Warranty with all their smurfs. They have more than 5 years of professional experience in the gaming marketplace with a list of dedicated services for their customers.

Why Happy Smurfs?

  • Instant delivery with efficient customer service

They are the fastest with delivery, enabling 24/7 live chat services. As soon as you make a purchase, it will be delivered to you swiftly via email. They are extremely friendly while interacting with their customers and resolving their queries and problems.

  • Safe and Secure payment gateways

Their website is protected by SSL technology which enhances security and safety protocols. The payments gateways which they use are extremely safe and efficient for you to rely on. While dealing with money on a site, you need to have trust and Happy Smurfs is strongly capable of gaining that trust of yours.

  • Lifetime Ban Warranty

Happy Smurfs are confident about their accounts and thus they offer to their customers a lifetime ban warranty along with excellent support so that the players have a stress-free mind while they are in the game.

3.   Lol-Smurfs

Lol-Smurfs is one of the most loved account stores since 2015. Operating for more than 5 years, they have gained quite a professional understanding of all kinds of smurfs accounts delivery and customer satisfaction. With excellent reviews, you can consider it as a trusted account store. Satisfied customers are their real profit-making.

Why would you choose LoL-Smurfs?

  • Offers a variety of accounts

Lol-Smurfs offers you NA accounts, EUW accounts, EUNE accounts, and OCE accounts. Other accounts like unranked accounts, ranked accounts, blue essence smurfs, and VIP rare accounts.

  • Instant delivery along with a lifetime warranty

They are excellent at instant deliveries with an assured high-quality experience. Deliveries of accounts can be delayed, but with Lol-Smurfs you always get your account delivered to you instantly with a guaranteed lifetime assurance.

  • LoL accounts available for ranked play

The League of Legends accounts offered by them are quite leveled up and capable of ranked plays with a multiplayer mode.

  • Changing login credentials

While you register or log in to your account, there is a possibility you can face some issues and lose your ID or password. With LoL-Smurfs you can change your application details anytime anywhere just with internet connectivity.

Final Verdict

League of Legends is growing at a rapid pace, and many developers have come up with accounts offering LoL smurfs accounts. You can check the wide availability of account stores online, but in this article, we have covered the top three places for you where you can get the most worthy LoL account. With UnrankedSmurfs at the most effective and efficient account store for you to choose from, you can check out the reviews. Your one-time investment will create a lifetime experience for you, so choose wisely.

Happy purchase and happy gaming!

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