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Top 5 places where to monitor EOS exchange rate

What Is EOS?

EOS is a blockchain-based crypto platform built for decentralized apps (dApps) development, hosting, and execution. The project aims to design a user-friendly and worldwide accessible blockchain technology, great level scalability potential, UI/UX improved user and business experience, security, adjustability, compliance, and more. The network, initially, was created on grounds of Ethereum, but thanks to the drive to self-sufficiency, it detached from the native database of records and blocks establishment. 

Concerning the price, the trading volume of it changes and varies every 24 hours; for instance, sometimes it’s $2.98 with the volume of $2 billion, and other times it’s $3.26 with the volume exceeding $4.5 billion. In this way, one of the best options to stay tuned for the shifts is to follow the official website of EOSIO or other resources with the like information. 

To figure if EOS is a good investment or to comprehend what its price fluctuation or stability depend on, the answer is the e-currency’s performance rate after its successful Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). The value of the EOS cryptocurrency, after its first launch, sat at $2.29 and, within the next 24 hours, doubled to $5.40. In 2018 the pricing started dropping, and it stopped at $1.86; in 2019, the coin began slow progression and grew till $2.8; finally, in 2020, it ranged between $5.35 and $3.70.  

As to predictions, there is a long list of forecasting experts and agencies that provide them, so here is the summary of various technical forecasts for EOS price 2020 and further:

1. Per TradingBeasts’ prognosis, December 2020: EOS price reaches $3.4 and descends to

$2.7. January 2021: crypto price remains at the same level but hits $3.9 by next December. The

average price prediction shows $4.07 in Dec. 2022 and $5.03 in Dec. 2023. 

2. Wallet Investor statisticians believe that the currency’s worth rises in Q1 and Q2 2021, and abruptly crashes to $1.2 in the second half. 

3. CryptoGround has assumed that the coin’s value arrives at $4.17 in mid-summer 2021,

$4.7 in 2022, and $21.4 by December 2025. 

4. Coinliker has claimed that the growth of the cost within the next five years is expected to

be in the amount of $130 per EOS. 

5. According to CoinSwitch, they foresee a big future for the crypto-coin: in 2021 the price

increases to $15 and by 2025 – to $100. 

EOS exchange rate fluctuations

As the most popular transfer pair for EOS has been Bitcoin so far, here is all the information concerning the rate swing and other matters. As for now, the approximate price of 1 EOS to BTC is 0.000125 BTC. And for the conversion rate, one of the most relevant indicators is 0.00015178 BTC. 

EOS trade price shifts daily on diverse platforms/websites; for example, one day 1 EOS is equivalent to 0.00015150 BTC, the other day 1 EOS is identified as 0.00015178, and a day later, the frequency stops at 0.00015170. CoinSwitch is one of the best e-tools for staying alert to all the changes and notifications. 

Other software programs offer the same spectrum of the facts and details, moreover, they support more than 300 cryptocurrencies; 45.000 trading pairs; provide 247 customer support high-quality service, applicable materials for competent trading decision-making processes such as price analysis, leading exchange policies rates analysis and comparison, transaction tracking, and other features. 

Platforms where you can monitor EOS exchange rate

The top 5 leading online swap mechanisms for EOS swap percentage control are Godex, Binance,  Huobi Global, ZG.com, and HBTC. The concise descriptions of randomly chosen principles: 

1. Binance 

It regularly gives, for example, btc to eos exchange rate and cryptocurrency prices in

the United States dollar, which allows effortless conversion or swap policies. Another reason for using the service is trading and transaction anonymity conditions; no third party is aware of the transfer activities and other actions. The transaction volume and quantity of transactions done are limitless. Per the latest International Currency Exchange Rate update, 0.0005 BTC is 32.0944894 EOS, in case you would like to buy the coin. 

2. Binance 

The ecosystem of this software instrument is fantastic: 2 billion dollars of daily medium volume; more than 1.4 million transactions each second; customer assistance on a 24-hour basis; one of the fastest crypto exchange programs; provides an open-access learning hub about the local blockchain and crypto resources; a crypto encyclopedia of numerous levels for beginners and experienced investors, traders, and other, and many more. 

3. Huobi Global

This system is vital for personal assets management, payments via credit cards, secure storage, worldwide, and around-the-clock access to the platform itself. 

4. ZG.com 

This website is trustworthy and has a great reputation thanks to multilevel wallet safety and efficiency, 100% petty cash against risk, 8-year blockchain experience, more than 100 business-based investments, round the clock superior client service, and so forth. 

5. HitBTC

The last platform to be necessarily pointed out brings countless advantages in accordance with the most demanding traders: real-time business with low latency, high credibility and performance, advanced API for swift and convenient operations, 2-factor authentication and encryption technology, verified cryptography schemes, Fee Tier System, colocation services.

To sum up, EOS has been attracting knowledgeable investors’ attention for a long time now due to its flexibility and accessibility for multifaceted approaches to democratized app dev design, engineering, creation, and implementation. The coin contains an out-of-ordinary internal technology and ideas; therefore, it is worthy of some time to get right into the details of it, discover the benefits of it, and, eventually, have fun.

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