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Top 5 tools to improve productivity in your business

Smart business management can help any company thrive. It helps cut costs down, get deadlines in comfortably and boosts the company culture of your entire business. It’s a win-win for everyone but getting on the right track can be a true challenge. Older businesses have a lot of data to deal with and this can put any management plan into limbo.

Your data can do so much for you so long as it is digitized, sorted and in a system that takes over a lot of the difficult, mind-numbing admin that humans are simply not equipped to deal with. People are physically incapable of seeing patterns instantly from large collections of data. That is where software comes into play.

By using programs to sort and understand data, humans can make more invested decisions in every aspect of business. Take it one step further and many tasks and processes can be automated to great success. All you need to get started are the right tools for the job:

1.   Customer Relationship Management

In order to offer personalization and improved marketing automation, you will need to invest in customer relationship management programs. These are the necessary databases that other automation tools will need to provide custom experiences for each customer.

For example, with a healthy CRM system you will be able to link it up to an email automation system that creates a customized email that includes an individual’s name, as well as personalized suggestions based on their search history (if they allowed you to track this information)

2.   Project Management

Project management tools are key to provide improved control over any project within your business. The best project management tools 2020 will allow you to generate charts, track your budget, plan your resources and improve communication amongst your team and clients. There are so many possibilities with a project management system, but at the end of the day, the one that is right for you will help you better manage and monitor every project and task occurring in your business right now.

3.   HR Tools

Managing your employees doesn’t need to be a difficult task. You can ease the workload of your HR department and make it easier for your employees all at once with HR management tools. Employees will be able to customize their own accounts, request vacation days and so on all through an online portal. Invoicing and payroll can be better automated. In short, your employees can enjoy a more transparent, accessible HR experience and your HR team can shave hours off admin work.

4.   Marketing Automation Tools

As stated beforehand, CRM tools are the database you need to allow for certain types of automation. This is true throughout your company. Larger businesses, however, will want to invest in either project management tools or in enterprise resource planning systems to provide the database and internal structure for automation.

From there, you can invest in automated marketing methods as they suit you. There is social media automation, email automation and so much more. Essentially you need tools that can take the data you have and then use that information to give every customer a personalized experience. From suggesting them products your system thinks they will like, to rewarding them based on their shopping history, to even offering a discount if they haven’t been back after a certain period.

5.   Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP is the large-scale version of everything mentioned above. It works by providing a singular gateway to your entire business. With ERP, your inventory team can automatically track how much product gets sold and when stock gets too low more can be ordered seamlessly.

ERP thrives when you have different buildings for your varying departments. It works to make your entire business more cohesive and save time on slow forms of communication. Smaller versions do exist and will still allow you to automate these typical business processes with ease.

When someone buys something, the system will make note in your inventory. When your inventory gets low, a notice or order will be sent through and that order will be automatically sent to your accounts team.

It is important to note that there are a lot of different companies and software types available. You will be able to not only find brands that offer different features, but you’ll find that there are different programs geared towards a variety of industries. By focussing on what is available in your niche or industry, you can enjoy many specific tools and benefits that will help your company truly thrive through productivity.

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