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Top Greek travel startups on the rise

After several years of entrepreneurial creativity and personal development, these are the Greek startups that have created waves in the travel industry of the country.

Be My Quest

The Be My Quest team’s primary goal is to rebuild abandoned villages and areas that have so far had no economic and tourist activity. Their specialist team communicates with providers of potential exploitation sites in these areas and propose unique alternative tourism actions that will economically upgrade the local community. These actions will be promoted through the specially designed Be My Quest Website as well as the Application. In this way, aspiring tourists will be able to quickly and easily select alternative actions that will vary between agri-tourism, historical tourism, medical tourism, volunteering, and many other categories. The key component of these actions is the form of Quest they will have, giving an educational and social meaning to their business action. Their vision is to upgrade Greece’s economic activity, in areas that need it, and to promote the beautiful and impeccable villages to the domestic and foreign tourism market.

Greek TravelTellers

Greek TravelTellers listen to your preferences, take your hand, and lead you on a journey through Athens personalized and hand-picked just for you. They plan custom tours that reflect what the traveler likes and make an amazing effort to transform the experience into a story telling adventure.

If you like tailor made tours that give an authentic view of your destination then Greek TravelTellers offer the service you’re looking for. 


Cycling Tourism in small escorted – by experienced guides – groups, with electric powered mountain bikes.After many years of cycling theyshare with you the Greece they discovered, the places and experiences that fascinated them. Bikemeup acts as a cycling tour in the most beautiful corners of the country. Their extensive cycling experience in the Greek mountains has given them the experience and knowledge needed to tackle any simple or complex, technical or rescue issue that may arise, on any cycling route. They are accredited by MIAS (International Mountain Bike Cycling Certification) and RTI (International First Aid Certification).Come explore and enjoy the Greek nature together, with love and respect for the environment.


The Cheap N Cheer platform comes to shorten the customer journey in the service sector and increase consumer control, through price comparisons and online bookings. It instantly updates the price and selects what you want, organizing results with filters like location, price range, or reviews from other users. When it finds the most suitable business for you, you can view the program availability in detail and make the reservation with one click.

In this way consumers cover the need for comparative research, transparently check the services offered and proceed directly to booking. Similarly, entrepreneurs – regardless of the size of their company – benefit from promotion and brand awareness without high advertising costs.

Free On Trip

The business concept is to design and distribute airline ticket rights to prospective passengers. The main objective is to convert the financial obligation created by the passenger from the purchase of an air ticket, based on the current data, into a right of use. Many passengers have been uncertain about when and if to make a trip and do not want to incur a significant cost in the event of a change or cancellation of the trip. Through this service, it will be possible for the passenger to be able to cover the risk of rising airline ticket prices over time, by “locking” an advantageous price and providing a sufficient time to decide whether or not to do so. The client will pay an amount for the payment of the royalty until the end of the period.

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