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Top green energy technologies and solutions

green energy technologies
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Energy expenses can be annoying. From heating your home and watering that beautiful lawn of yours, to gassing the car soaring energy bills can financially pin you down. However, there are numerous strategies you can adopt to bring down these expenses. It’s also important to note that reducing recurring energy costs has a great bearing on minimizing the carbon footprint. A good number of these strategies are simple and straightforward to implement. So, if you want a greener environment and reduced energy bills, keep reading to realize some of the best green energy technologies and solutions.

Install a Solar Array

Pollution is a real concern in today’s modern world. That’s why countries are encouraging their citizens to install solar arrays. Things like solar panels also known as photovoltaic cells can help you cut down on those annoying electricity expenses.

Installing a solar array isn’t that expensive. According to consumer reports, installing a functional solar array can cost around $30, 000. Plus, solar arrays can bring down the cost of electricity by about 30 percent.

Invest in a Wind Generator

Did you know that it’s possible to purchase smaller versions of the massive windmill turbines?

With the current technological advancements, the availability of home wind generators has been made a reality. Plus, the costs are quite affordable. Some people have even managed to build their own wind generators using off-the-shelf parts obtained from their local hardware stores.

Just like the initial expense, the power production capacity of a home wind generator varies greatly. Most kit-based generators will only deliver enough power to offset your regular energy costs by 10 to 15%. On the other hand, certain expensive wind generators might cost up to USD 45,000 to purchase and install but can end up saving you up to 90% on energy bills.

Implement a Rain Water Harvesting Strategy

Rainwater harvesting systems are extremely simple mechanical components that connect to a gutter system and rainwater inside a cistern or barrel. This water can then be utilized for flushing toilets and irrigating plants, hence saving the energy that could have been used for pumping this water.

Generally speaking, these systems are extremely affordable, especially when you purchase and assemble the equipment yourself.  Hiring a contractor to carry out the installation could actually end up costing you lots of money.

Upgrade Your HVAC System

Heating and cooling your home can cost up to 43 percent of your energy consumption annually. Typically, an HVAC system that’s over 10 years old costs about 30 percent more to run and maintain as opposed to a current model HVAC system that’s more energy-efficient.

With most of the homes paying approximately $1,000 per year in energy bills for heating and cooling, older systems can quickly cost you a lot more. Even more, turning to a more affordable energy provider can be of great help. They could actually be charging a lot more on their tariffs than other companies. So, compare and switch energy supplier using usave.co.uk today and enjoy reduced energy costs.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to reducing your carbon footprint as well as your annual recurring expenses, there are several strategies to consider. Most of them are low-tech and simple to implement, while others are high-tech and costly, but can result in substantial savings over time.

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