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Top Tips for Decorating Your Retail Space

Tips for Decorating Your Retail Space
Photo by Korie Cull on Unsplash

Transforming your retail space from a place of commerce and service, into a place that will wow both customers and yourself, is always the goal of opening a business. Drab and boring stores are done with, and creativity should be prioritized to create a memorable experience for everyone who comes through your doors. The psychology of sales is as much about finishing the deal as it is about cultivating a relationship. Your retail space is the gateway to that relationship. Before someone even decides on spending a dollar, they will make a split-second judgment on your business.

This is why you need to focus on improving your retail space and how it looks. Drab grey walls just bum people out and make them feel like they are in a dentist’s office (and even if you’re a dentist, your practice could use a makeover, too). There’s a lot of interior decoration help that businesses can use to improve their spaces, and here are some top tips to help you decorate and renovate your business.


Before you start hanging posters, buying new furniture, or hanging up some plants, consider how the room works in terms of its floor plan and layout. Is it claustrophobic or constricting? Does it feel like there’s no theme? Are there conflicting themes? These questions can help you plan out the major changes you need to make like a renovation or taking down any walls. Open floor plan designs are usually good because you can eventually fill the space with what you like. If that’s not an option, you can always utilize the space that exists by removing everything to see what areas are chokepoints for customers, and what areas would work well for displays. Working with what you have could mean moving toward a minimal setup, which benefits open spaces and existing layouts that can’t be altered. While choosing the layout it is also important to pick the right doors for the store. Picking doors that are built with custom requirements and fittings can be a great advantage. It is essential not to forget about the safety of the retail space while choosing the doors for it. Steel doors at Dove Steel Doors are considered the most secure options for any kind of business, especially the ones that hold valuable items in their spaces.

Choosing a Theme

Picking your theme is important because you need something that suits your business and feels cohesive. Too many businesses have an identity crisis and are completely unsure of what they are trying to do. Would an auto parts store have a beach theme? Probably not, because it doesn’t make much sense. Something like a skateboard business would focus on more urban styles like existing street and skate culture, hip hop, Los Angeles culture, and similar ideas. Your business should be reflected in the theme, but not necessarily in the T. You can get a little creative to add some flare to a generic theme, but you need a theme, nonetheless. Things to consider for your theme include the paint job, decor, signage, branding, and merchandise. The merchandise matters in this context because a minimal, boutique studio design space would likely not have many exaggerated colors that would clash with the subdued style. The theme is a delicate balancing act, but it’s achievable to find one that works when you combine these.

Wall Decor

Wall decor can be a great way to attract attention because it’s so easily spotted. There’s a lot you can add to boost the appearance of your retail space. Class it up with some light fixtures to improve the mood lighting, or you can see how custom printing from Just Vision It is a timeless decor style by adding banners and prints to the walls. Likewise, you need to consider how the color pattern works well with your store. Darker paint means you should have a lot of natural light, and if you don’t, then some added lights can work. Lighter pastels work well with subtle decors, like art pieces or artefacts. Other wall decors you can add that will enhance the retail space are floating shelves or hangars for clothing stores because they are modern in style (if that’s your goal) and serve a purpose.

Racks, Stands, and Displays

The use of floating or hanging wall shelves is a good way to clear up space on the floor. You still need racks, stands, and displays, and the style depends on what you need. Larger, more industrial-style racks are good for larger floor spaces that sell a lot of similar products, so you can fit as much product on the floor as possible. Smaller, more intimate retail spaces often opt for more style over substance with wooden stands or displays that can really add a degree of authenticity. You can always go with metal stands for an industrial feel for something like a record store, which adds more style to your business. The best option for any kind of retail floor display for products is finding a good mix of mobile displays, so you can always read just as you feel the need, rather than being stuck with displays and stands that are bolted in place. Hanging racks on the walls also frees up a lot of space, just like shelving.

Storefront Makeover

Last but not least is the actual front of your store. The storefront is the true gateway and first step in building a relationship with a customer to where a transaction occurs. How many times have you walked past a store and disregarded it completely because it was unattractive? Probably many, and you wouldn’t be alone, which is a sad state of affairs for a business. The storefront needs to focus on signage and branding to attract customers, so keeping it clean and relevant to the product and business will give people a good idea of what to expect when they walk through your doors. Neon signs, murals, hand-painted store hours, sandwich chalkboards, and decor to catch attention are great ways to get people to pay attention to your business, and potentially venture in and purchase products. If anything, people see foot traffic going in and out of a store, which can entice them.

Decorating and renovating your retail space, inside and out, is your ticket to success. No one wants to walk into a store and feel confused about what the store sells, crowded by-products, or disappointed by the lack of design. Using the psychology of design, colour, and lighting, you can improve your chances of making sales and help your business immensely.

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