Using management training to build a better business
A Travis Perkins case study

Page 1: Introduction

The term 'learning organisations' has become widely used in recent years. This is applied to businesses that best adapt and change so that the people within keep in touch with both themselves and the environment in which they operate. Such organisations place great emphasis upon learning and the need to adapt as an ongoing process.

Today, learning organisations take the process of learning to heart. They recognise the need to continuously provide opportunities for their people through training and development.

It is frequently said that 'an organisation's most valuable resource is its workforce - the people who work for it'. An organisation can have the latest technology and the best physical resources, but unless it looks after its people it will never achieve its objectives. Education and training are of benefit to individuals, organisations and the economy.

If businesses are to succeed and the economy is to flourish, organisations that engage in these processes will have a competitive advantage over their rivals. In such businesses, individuals are more likely to find rewarding jobs.

This case study emphasises the importance of training. In doing so it focuses upon the management trainee programme developed by Travis Perkins. This illustrates how its training scheme has been used to build a fast-growing business in a competitive business sector.

Travis Perkins | Using management training to build a better business


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