An enterprising approach to a marketing re-launch
A United Biscuits case study

Page 1: Introduction

Enterprising businesses must be able to re-invent themselves and their products. This is because consumer expectations change over time and other elements of the general business environment also alter. A successful, enterprising business knows when and how best to change in order to please its customers. This case study focuses on one of the UK's leading savoury snacks, Phileas Fogg. The study...
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Page 2: Part of a larger group - United Biscuits (UB)

The history of Phileas Fogg is steeped with innovation based on a small enterprising business with exciting packaging and advertising ideas. Today, like many other organisations in the food industry, Phileas Fogg is part of a much larger group: UB, a multi-national company. It was originally founded in 1948 following the merger of two Scottish family businesses: McVitie & Price and McFarlane Lang...
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Page 3: Being enterprising

The Phileas Fogg brand was born in 1983 in the steelworks town of Consett in the North East of England. The steelworks was closing down, creating high levels of unemployment in the area. Four men installed a snack-making machine on the site. With this they created their exciting product lines. One of their acquaintances ('Jeff' used a former ice-cream van to sell the products to local shops and to...
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Page 4: Product life-cycle

All products experience a life-cycle. This takes the form of a staged product launch, followed by a period of sustained growth up to maturity, and then finally a decline in sales as product strength diminishes. The length of the life-cycle is not the same for all products, but it is usually many years. With careful nurturing, a product's life-cycle can sometimes be extended. Following its...
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Page 5: Preparing to change

In the world of food manufacture, products are continually being improved and altered to keep abreast with changing times. The process of improvement involves first finding out what consumers want, and then seeking to introduce changes to existing products to meet their needs. Having done this, companies can re-launch a brand or individual product lines using appropriate advertising and...
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Page 6: Making the change

To create a momentum for the change process, work patterns at Phileas Fogg were altered; people responsible for new product development were put into cross-functional teams. New products were developed and fast tracked to re-launch in record time.Importantly, the organisation was prepared to take risks. Every single product was re-launched and the range was drastically cut to remove...
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Page 7: Conclusion

The Phileas Fogg Company has a culture that encourages risk taking and has always been well known for its ground breaking, distinctively eccentric, award winning advertising. It has a reputation for frequent new product development and exciting packaging (e.g. a triangular tortilla pack). Because the company was born out of the hardship of industrial decline, employees have always been fiercely...
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