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Uralchem plans to build a fertilizers production complex in Angola

Within the Russia – Africa Economic Summit, Dmitry Mazepin’s company URALCHEM signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Opaia Group which will contribute to creation of a fertilizers production complex to manufacture primarily urea and joint ammonia. Top management of both parties was present at the forum: Dmitry Konyaev representing URALCHEM company, on the one hand, and Agostinho Kapaia, President of Opaia Group, on the other hand.

The document imposes on Dmitry Mazepin’s holding the following responsibilities: the company will handle all issues concerning the construction, design and advertising campaigns for the manufactured products. Opaia Group, in its turn, is supposed to coordinate the related processes involving documents approval, site choice and gas supply. “The estimated investment figures allocated for production are approximately 1.2 – 1.3 billion dollars, and bank financing is planned to be attracted”, reported Dmitry Konyaev.

Dmitry Mazepin’s deputy chairman at URALCHEM, Dmitry Konyaev, participated in the session devoted to sustainable cooperation in the agricultural sector. Ministry for agriculture was responsible for organizing this panel session. Among the delegates were industry experts, representatives of relevant institutions and departments, business leaders. The main issues on the agenda were the current situation in the African region, its challenges and prospects for economic cooperation and development of the agricultural sector on the continent. Both African and Russian delegates and participants shared their ideas and experience and their views on implementing new projects in the markets of Africa.

The Deputy Chairman of URALCHEM’s Board of Directors, Dmitry Konyaev, during the panel session “Sustainable collaboration in the agricultural sector: tools, institutions, guarantees”:

“The challenges Africa is facing now are mainly caused by food scarcity, relatively slow technological advancement, lack of proper logistics, and added that these problems can only be tackled with sustainable support and assistance from other countries, that is from development institutions, business communities and government. URALCHEM company is ready and prepared to offer the necessary assistance and provide not only fertilizers the enterprise manufactures but also help with digital solutions and consulting services for the agricultural sector.”

The CEO of URALCHEM, Dmitry Mazepin, on the economic partnership with Africa:

“I am pleased to witness the ongoing development of Russian – African relations, and see how the developing African countries are embarking on the new fruitful business initiatives. We find our cooperation with the African countries an important direction for us for the next decades”, stated Dmitry Mazepin.

The complex’s estimated production capacity is over 1 million of tons of urea. The approximate amount of time which Dmitry Mazepin’s team allocated for the project to be ready is between 4 and 5 years and expressed hope in the fruitful cooperation with Opaia Group and plans to provide Angola and its neighbouring countries with high-grade fertilizers.

It is the first time when the Russia – Africa economic forum is held. The unprecedented event, organized by the Roscongress Foundation, is aiming at fostering favourable economic relationships between Russia and the countries of the African region.

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