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Digital Signage Tips to Attract Customers and Their Attention to Your Business

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

When a customer comes to your store, the first and last thing they see is your retail signage. The footfall of the customer happens in your store with the direction of signage. You cannot afford to do it incorrectly as it creates confusion on the retail floor. For attracting and directing customers to your store efficiently, you will have to become a pro in the visual art of signage or hire a Signage Company.

Below mentioned are various kinds of retail signage. Let us discuss the know-how of setting up and designing signage to draw customers’ attention.

1 We Love Big Fonts

Readability in your retail signage is necessary for the customer to create a positive impact. Always keep yourself in the place of the customer when deciding about the ideal size of the font. You should use a big font size in the signage. It is convenient for people having issues with vision and for senior citizens as well. All these factors need to be in your mind while planning for font size.

The text clarity also needs consideration while choosing the fonts. It becomes difficult to attract prospective customers with wingding fonts. Also, the usage of italic and cursive fonts can be risky. Decide on the visibility of the font from the angle of the consumer’s eye level. 

2 Determining the Position of Signage In and Outside of Your Store

The signage industry follows a specific standard that tells where the customer searches for your signage. For example, the Directional signage will be hanging down from the top or needs to be above eye level on the passage. It will help the customer see when they pass through. On the other hand, promotional signage needs an eye-level position in your shop window or at the base level on the road to draw the attention of moving onlookers.

The eye positioning differs from person to person: customers in wheelchairs, kids, and people sitting in cars have different font size requirements and sign heights. You will have to check to know the ideal height position of signage for your potential customer.

3 Keep the Copy Bold & Concise

When you want verbiage on your signage, it should not be too much. We recommend using only the necessary words to convey your message. Always keep in mind the various signs that are fixed in your area. If the customer is bombarded with too many jumbled words in signage, it becomes difficult for them to select and purchase. It does not give a professional outlook.

Be limited to words in the signage and stick to the intent of your retail signage.

4 Sense of the Color Theory

When the customer sees your signage, the subconscious factor has a lot to do. For your retail signage, always use strong-contrasting colours. Proper colour combinations increase customers’ response by up to 23% when a dark font colour combines with a light background colour.

Colour theory is also an important factor and should not get ignored. It is crucial to categorize the association of the subconscious mind with each colour. It helps out to be on track with the image you wish to present. Below are a few fundamentals of colour theory.

For environment-friendly or self-brands cool colours, like aqua, blue and green are used to give a calm vibe. The colour blue provides a sense of trust, which is a must for the financial industry.

Purple is a soothing and reflective colour; is used for the branding of cosmetic and spiritual product lines. Colours like orange, yellow and red are warm colours that make customers’ blood boil. Hence you will notice the light red in the signage for CLEARANCE or SALE to create excitement. Yellow highlights optimism that draws the attention of young customers.

Power, strength, and luxury are represented by the colour black. It is ideal for high-end products such as luxury footwear and jewellery. White depicts a new start or/and hygiene, think kitchen appliances, lab coats, and weddings.

Clubbing Everything Together

The implementation of your retail signage is one of the factors that make or break your in-store happenings. Starting with the chalk sign at the doorstep of your store, to the directional signage showing the exit, every signage needs to be précised, and convenient for customers to see.

For your retail signage to attract potential customers you will have to make sure about its usage, follow the colour theme and the ideal font size for visibility.

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