The advantages of sponsorship
A Vodafone case study

Page 9: Conclusion

Manchester United and Vodafone each stand to benefit enormously from their sponsorship and commercial alliance. From Vodafone's point of view, having its name on the shirts of the world's best known and most highly visible football club is a clear benefit. The partnership has done much more than that, however. Equally important, Vodafone has become Manchester United's communication and technology partner, enabling the fans of the club to get news and information on the Reds wherever they are, through Vodafone's value-added services. Also, because Manchester United has a global fan base, Vodafone's alliance with the club is enabling Vodafone to develop its own global presence. For Manchester United, the deal not only generates extra income, but also provides valuable new services to its fans. This makes being a Manchester United fan even more attractive and for the club new fans mean new customers to sell to.

Like all the best deals, there really is something in it for everyone.

Vodafone | The advantages of sponsorship


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