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Ways to maintain your mental health during the Coronavirus isolation

We are currently living in grave times. This is a test both for our planet, the species and ourselves personally. Having to confine ourselves in self-isolation is the key to victory. As things stand, it is perhaps the only safe way of winning against the Coronavirus infection that has spread all over the world.

But one has to be strong to endure the situation, both mentally and physically. Staying inside for prolonged periods of time is going to take effect on your mental state. People who are not used to spending time inside our outdoorsy-types are going to suffer the most.

But to help us find a way to battle through this state, we have some valuable tips for you to preserve your mind.

Mange Exposure to Media Coverage

The worst thing that one can do is to start panicking. This can start by constantly hearing bad news that is coming all over the world. It will get you thinking more and more about the situation and will definitely take effect on you seeing the situation clearly.

Manage your exposure to media coverage. There are a lot of other things that you might be reading or watching on the net. The internet is really vast so there are other things that are not related to the situation that can help you pass the time.


If you haven’t tried this before this is the best time to start. You already have loads of time on your hands so you can find a relaxing place and do it. We suggest doing it in your garden. You will probably be tempted to call an experienced gardening expert to get your garden in order at one point, but there will be time after the isolation is done. For now, just clear your mind and think of other things that are not related to the current situation.


Exercising can help in two ways. It keeps our bodies healthy and also helps us pass the time. At this moment, we have to preserve our bodies and keep our immunity strong. A strong body equals strong immunity which will also help and protect us against the virus.

But exercising also has a great effect on our mental state. It has been proven that after doing any kind of physical fitness our body releases the hormone of happiness. This is why people feel so stressed out after a training session. It will work really well in this type of situation.

Stay Connected

Prolonged periods alone will be damaging to people’s psyche. So staying connected and keeping social connection is key. Since we can do that physically, we can do it through the use of modern technology.

Use your phone, your Skype, social media account or anything to stay connected with friends and loved ones. Talk to them on a daily routine and simply keep doing the same things that you have been doing online as you have before the outbreak. It may also lead to you to meet some new people and form new, friendly relationships.

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