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Website design trends that will be popular

Website design
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Change is a huge part of web design. Every few months new trends become popular, while older trends start to disappear and the most successful website owners make sure that they are always aware of the changing trends so they can update their website accordingly.

This is because popular trends result in more monthly hits and increased website engagement, helping the website to grow and expand. If you want to know what are currently popular trends, you can always check websites made by a custom web design company, and maybe get some inspiration for your project. But which web design features will be popular in the near future?

Here are four website design trends that will be popular in 2023.

Voice Technology

Voice technology has become very popular in the last few years; just think about how many homes now have an Alexa. And the trend is spreading into web design, with more and more websites using voice technology to communicate with users.

This is great for both website owners and internet users; users can use the technology to quickly move around the site by talking, and website owners can find out more about their users by asking simple questions. However, the technology is fairly new, so it may take a few months for this trend to become commonplace.

Oversized Text

In the past, many websites preferred to use small text and large images, but now, oversized text is becoming more popular (and big images are still popular). This may seem inefficient, but it makes it much easier for people to quickly digest information, and ultimately, the most successful websites are designed with the user in mind. After all, first impressions are very important, so if your text is difficult to read then many users will leave your site to go to a competitor.

If you want to alter the text on your website, Bigfoot Digital website development can help you.

AI Technology

AI technology is transforming the Western world, and that includes the world of web design. More and more websites are starting to implement AI technology on their site, and it is likely that this will provide benefits for the website owner for years to come.

Some web designers are using AI to make websites more immersive and responsive; as you scroll the page will move and change, making the website seem more ‘human’. It also makes it possible to tailor the user’s experience depending on their clicks. For instance, the page can provide different pop-ups for different users, meaning the users are more likely to engage with the pop-up.


Whitespace refers to the blank, white space between images and text. This may seem like an irrelevant aspect of website design, but in reality, whitespace can be the difference between a cluttered website and a minimalistic, professional website.

If you want to use whitespace on your website but you’re worried about the page looking too blank, don’t worry. The space will make the page look clean and visually appealing, and if you are smart with space you will still be able to include all of the information that you need. If you are still unsure, aim for a rough split of 75% content, 25% whitespace.

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