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5 Tricks to Improve Your eCommerce Conversions

The conversion rate determines the success of your eCommerce business. The more the percentage of visitors who buy from your website more is the growth of your business. On the other hand, your business will not profit if your website cannot generate quality leads. To increase the conversion rate, eCommerce businesses perform conversion rate optimization. Conversion rate optimization or CRO is the process by which you can improve your eCommerce conversions. It can be achieved in several ways. With this in mind, this article will discuss five hacks to enhance your eCommerce conversions. Read till the end to know these fantastic tricks to boost your conversions.

5 Tricks to Improve Your eCommerce Conversions

No online business starts with reasonable conversion rates. You need to optimize your conversion rates to make it grow. On average, a 2%+ conversion rate is considered acceptable. You, too, can achieve it by following some useful tricks such as using text analytics tools, conducting market research, offering discounts to your customers, and much more. Let’s see five of these essential hacks for improving eCommerce conversions that every eCommerce business must try.

  • Market Research for eCommerce: ECommerce brands need to conduct market research to remain in sync with their consumers. Revuze is a fantastic platform that simplifies your market research for eCommerce using AI to collect essential data for sentimental analysis.

With market research, you can gain consumer insights to understand your consumers’ beliefs, opinions, feedback, response, and behavior. With the Coronavirus pandemic hitting the globe, market research becomes even more vital to understand your customers’ changed behavior and decision-making criteria.

  • Text Analytics Tools: Using text analysis tools such as HotJar, Google Analytics, Quantcast Measure, and BigCommerce Analytics is another effective way of improving your eCommerce conversions. These tools are crucial for understanding your customers’ response and engagement with your website. For example, setting up Google Analytics gives you useful insights on how visitors discovered your website, what attracted them to your website, the visitors’ location, how many visitors converted into customers, and other such vital information to boost your conversions.
  • Free Shipping: Often, customers don’t buy from a website if the shipping charges are insanely high. Customers see the shipping charge as a useless expense, and therefore, they either look for a different website or prefer buying from a nearby store to save on shipping. Hence, one way of improving eCommerce conversions and attracting more customers to your site is by offering free shipping.
  • Discounts: Who doesn’t love deals? Offering discounts or organizing limited-period sales are great strategies used by many eCommerce businesses to increase conversions. Customers are more likely to buy from sites that sell products at reasonable prices and offer amazing discounts and offers. Hence, you can try giving your customers discounts on special occasions such as festive seasons to boost your conversions.
  • Customer Support and Live Chat Option: Your conversion rates will go down if you don’t have a sound customer support system. For example, suppose someone purchased a product from your website. However, the customer faces some issue with the product for which he or she tries to reach out to your customer care support. What if your customer care number is not reachable, and you also don’t have the facility of live chat in such a case, the customer will be disappointed with your service. Above all, he or she might decide to never shop from you again.Therefore, it’s essential to have a sound customer support system. You must offer you live chat option to your customers as  it’s one of the quickest ways to reach out in case of any query.


The ultimate goal of every eCommerce business is to get more customers. If you lack quality leads, your business won’t survive in the long run. No matter how many visitors you have on your website daily, your business will have a hard time if a good percentage of these visitors don’t convert into buyers. Therefore, it becomes crucial to improve your eCommerce conversions by following certain tricks and tactics.

As we have seen, there are many conversion rate optimization techniques and tricks that you can follow. With the help of CRO tricks and hacks, you can improve or boost your eCommerce conversions. In this article, we have discussed five of such amazing tricks, including conducting market research for eCommerce, using text analytics tools such as Google Analytics, offering free shipping, discounts, and a reliable customer support system to your consumers to help boost your eCommerce conversions. Try following these tricks, and see what works the best for your business.

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