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Welcome customers with the help of a professional telephone announcement

A telephone panel is not only a great tool to facilitate everyday work. Treat it as your new employee who answers calls, helps customers and is responsible for the positive image of your company. Approach it responsibly – it is you who decides what he or she will say, how and… with what voice.

Woman or man? 30 years of age, or maybe 50 years of age? English, German or Spanish? It is up to you which voice will greet the customers calling you. Telephone announcements are a very important element of the company’s image. Their careful preparation may encourage customers to contact or, on the contrary, effectively deter them. What to keep in mind when choosing a telephone announcement? You will find the answer to this question below.

The voice that represents your company

The image of a company really consists of many factors. Often also those we forget about and approach in a slightly indifferent way. Fortunately, more and more companies perceive the value of a telephone exchange. However, only some of them pay attention to its proper preparation. This is a big mistake! A well-designed helpline not only improves the work of individual departments of the company, but also constitutes a great business card for it. After all, it is often the first place where the customer “comes into contact” with the company. And the first impression is made only once. A client who hears a nice, often well known voice (lecturers whose services can be used are usually professionals with extensive experience, known from the radio and television) and a good quality announcement, feels that he has called a competent company.

Statistics clearly show that 60% of callers disconnect without hearing the greeting. Do everything you can to stop them.

What should the announcement in the telephone exchange contain?

Professional preparation of a telephone exchange announcement should include not only matching the voice of the voice of the speaker to the nature of the company’s activity, but also preparation of a well thought-out message content. Make sure that it is primarily information that is really useful. Remember about such elements as:

  • greeting

“Good morning, you called XYZ”.

Welcome customers to the polite “Good morning” or the less formal “Welcome”. Remember to enter your company name! Many people may assume that the customer knows where they are calling, but greeting may be the only place where you will have the chance to use your company name.


  • information about recording a call

“We would like to inform you that in the interest of the highest quality, conversations can be recorded. If you do not agree to record the call – disconnect.

If the customers calling you will be recorded, you must inform them of this.


  • Tree-based menus

“Choose a topic of interest to you”.

If your menu consists of a tree, enter a message that you can select menu options. You can also go straight away to replace menu items, e.g. “To connect to the sales department, press 1”. If your answer does not contain an extensive menu, enter information about waiting for a connection.

  • working hours

“Unfortunately, at the moment the office is closed. Please contact us during business hours, Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 16:00”.

And what if the office is no longer open? Then the customer needs to be informed about when they can contact us again and at what times. It is important to find out when someone will solve the problem they are calling.

  • Additional information

“We invite you to visit our website: www.xyz.com

At the end it is worth giving the website address.  Treat this as a form of additional advertising.

As you can see, voice announcements within the hotline is a really interesting issue, which has a huge impact on the image of your company. Currently there are many telephone announcement providers on the market. It is not recommended to do it yourself. The professionalism is here crucial. Such companies like 1a-telefonansagen offers large choice of audiotexts. You can choose voice that is suitable to your niche. Announcements are read by professional teachers and made in a professional studio.

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