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What Are the Best Tips for Casino Slot Machines?

How to win in a slot machine? This question is asked by every gambler who has just got acquainted with slots. In this article, we are going to tell you about four strategies that will help you organize your slot machine game properly to win.

  1. Play and Run

First, divide your play money into several equal shares. For example, you have $1,000. Choose five best Megaways slots to play at $200 for each. Start the game with the minimum bets to determine the number of empty spins (regular spinning of the reels without winning). Also, note the size of the marginal loss. Be realistic about these numbers and stick to your strategy. When reaching the limits of empty spins or losing part of the bankroll, proceed to another slot. For example, you have set a limit of 20 empty spins for yourself. If this figure is reached and there is no winning, you need to leave the machine. If you won something, you need to withdraw money and start the gaming session again.

  1. One Game

This strategy is pretty risky. Its essence is that you choose any interesting slot and make the maximum bet on the very first spin. If you are lucky, then divide the won amount into small bets and continue the session. If you lose the credits received in the first spin, move to another slot. Some gamblers believe that the first spin of the reels is very often winning, and the casino adjusts this deliberately to lure them.

  1. Up the Stairs

First, decide on the threshold for the bet. If the spin of the reels brings nothing, then the stake doesn’t change. In case of winning, its size must be doubled. Then you act on the same principle: if you win, you double the bet, and if you lose, you halve it. If you manage to “catch” the wave, then you can earn a decent amount. The main advantage of this strategy is that big bets are already placed on the money won. The win is the amount that is twice the size of the bet. For example, if the bet was one dollar, and you won one and a half, then you shouldn’t increase it to two for the next spin.

  1. Umbrella

The player increases or decreases the size of the bet gradually. This strategy has no strict rules. It is pretty varied, and everyone can adjust it to suit their needs. The only thing to consider are three factors:

  • game time;
  • style (conservative, moderate, aggressive);
  • available bankroll.

First, think over the template you will use to place your bets. Decide on the minimum threshold, then increase the amount and then lower it again. Avoid sudden jumps. Change your bet size smoothly. It doesn’t have to be the same step. The sequence should also be thought out in advance, but it is better to write it down. Here are some models:

  • 1122233444455333221;
  • 1224455554332111;
  • 1112333445433311; 
  • 11122244455543322211; 
  • 11112333335554433222221.


Now you know how to beat the slot machine. Follow the strategies outlined above. Good luck!

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