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What can you expect from a summer school programme

Spending a summer in an academic programme  is a great way to prepare for university and beyond, but what exactly should you expect to gain from the experience?

Summer school programmes provide you with all the additional training and insight you need to achieve the career you’ve always dreamed of, whether that be in law, medicine, economics, or creative writing. Universities and potential employers know that anyone who has completed such a programme must be passionate about, and dedicated to, their chosen field of study, ensuring such an applicant stands out from the crowd.

But what exactly can you expect from a summer school programme, like our Immerse Education summer school in Cambridge? Below are just a few reasons our programmes are so exceptional, and why you should spend your summer broadening your horizons with us.

Exceptional learning experience

As our name suggests, Immerse Education offers an immersive learning experience in the heart of Cambridge University, which both challenges and inspires our students to push the boundaries of their knowledge. Our programmes offer more than just lectures in a classroom. In small groups of like-minded peers, led by a world renowned university tutor, our pupils will explore and discuss novel, fascinating concepts, in order to gain a deep and well-rounded understanding of their chosen topic. Thirty different programmes are available, with each one offering its own challenges and rewards.

Preparation for the future

The world is changing at a rapid pace, which can make the very idea of preparing for the future extremely daunting. At Immerse Education, we aim to prepare our students for both university and 21st century life in general, equipping them with both skills and knowledge. The curriculum of our Cambridge summer school is carefully designed, featuring both academic and extracurricular activities in order to instil confidence and independence, as well as information. Every student has potential to unlock, and Immerse Education is dedicated to doing just that. If you need help why not try our Dissertation Writing Services.

A great team

Every Immerse Education tutor comes from leading universities, including Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard, meaning they have ample experience of both the academic and non-academic side of university life. More importantly, they are engaging and supportive teachers, who possess a genuine desire to help pupils achieve their goals and unlock their potential.

Each pupil will be assigned to a mentor group on arrival to help them settle in to the programme and gain all they can from their lessons. This helps them to gain the skills they need to work at higher education level, with a powerful support system around them.

A personalised approach

No two pupils are the same, which means that education cannot be one-size-fits-all. Immerse education offers a personalised approach to teaching, with a point of contact that continues throughout the programme and beyond. This helps us to understand the needs of each participant, and adjust their experience accordingly. We are invested in their success both during and after the programme, offering initiatives for our valued alumni to support them beyond the summer school programme.

A lasting experience in an inspiring location

As the location of our summer school, Cambridge enables our pupils to study in the colleges of one of the most beautiful and prestigious universities in the world, following in the footsteps of Charles Dickens, Stephen Hawking and Erasmus. What could be more inspiring? Once the programme has ended, Immerse Education spreads further afield, with our global network of thousands of alumni allowing us to keep in touch with all of our participants and provide them with new opportunities.

If you’re aspiring to study in an esteemed university like Oxford University or Cambridge University, summer school is a great way to get a head start.

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