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What to Do if You Have An Expired Vehicle License

Expired Vehicle License
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Driving with an expired driver’s license in Saudi Arabia can result in serious consequences, including fines. It’s crucial to stay aware of your expiration date and ensure the validity of your license.

What’s the Penalty for Expired Vehicle License in KSA?

If you’re caught driving with an expired license in Saudi Arabia, you may face a fine of 100 SAR. As part of initiatives to enhance convenience for beneficiaries, citizens can opt to renew their licenses online, eliminating the necessity to visit government offices across the country.

Grace Period for Expired Vehicle License

The Saudi authorities give vehicle-owners 60-day grace period to renew their vehicle license

after it expires. However, if they fail to renew it after the grace period, they will be charged a fine of 100 SAR for each year overdue.

Easier Than Ever!

You can now renew your Saudi driving license hassle-free online, no need for traffic office visits anymore! Renewing your driving license in Saudi Arabia is now conveniently available online, allowing citizens and residents to complete the process in simple & quick steps.

Requirements for License Renewal

Before getting into the process in detail, you have to first meet the following requirements:

  • The driving license must have an expiration date within 180 days
  • You must pay all traffic fines
  • Having a fingerprint status and an image in your Absher account is mandatory
  • You have to pass a driving license health check-up
  • The applicant must pay the renewing service fees

 Step By Step Process

No more excuses for skipping license renewal as it requires straightforward steps. Follow up to know more! It should be noted that you can get the procedures done by Absher Platform as follows:

  • Login to your Absher account
  • Click on My Services
  • Choose E-Services
  • Select Police Traffic Services
  • Select Renewing Driving License service
  • Click on Select a License
  • Choose the license type and the renewal period
  • Click on Next
  • Confirm the renewal


As per the General Department of Traffic, the Saudi driving license renewal fees are as follows: 40 SAR annually for a private driving license and 200 SAR for a motorcycle driving license, valid for a duration of 10 years.

Why renew your driver’s license?

It’s necessary to periodically renew your license to ensure a safe driving journey, following an eye examination to demonstrate sufficient vision. Also, it helps to prevent fraud in the case your license gets stolen or lost.

What To Consider

Traffic regulations and enforcement are rigorously upheld in Saudi Arabia. A significant number of individuals may be unaware of the penalties associated with expired driving licenses. The traffic department underscores the importance of maintaining valid driving licenses to avoid any potential penalties.

Finally, make sure not to risk driving with an expired license in Saudi Arabia. We know life can be busy, but staying on top of renewing your driver’s license can save you from fines. Driving with an expired license can lead to serious trouble and substantial penalties.

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