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The Most Common Faults with Used Cars: What to Look Out For

Used Cars
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Anyone who became of age watching the classic Only Fools and Horses will immediately assume that should their new-to-them used car break down within days or even hours of purchase they have had an encounter with their town’s own Del-boy Trotter! While there certainly are still unscrupulous people in the motoring industry, the truth is that the second-hand car market is now much better regulated and customers do have legal recourse if they are deliberately or accidentally sold a pig in a poke. Many of the former issues can be avoided by choosing a reputable second-hand car dealer to find your next vehicle: discover a diverse range of pre-loved vehicles at KAP Used Cars Brighton Dealership, ensuring a quality selection for your driving needs. Let’s take a look at the most common faults found in used cars so you know what to check for!

Bad Brakes

When you test drive the car, you will often ensure that the car starts up easily. You will be able to see if the car is spewing smoke. But going for a gentle test drive will not fully test your brakes in the way you will when you first hit the motorway. Moving at close to seventy miles per hour on the motorway is exactly the last place you want to discover that your brakes do not work very well, or have a sluggish response! Ask how the brakes are and pay attention to the responses you receive, then use your discretion or (better idea) ask a mechanic to give the car a once-over for you. You will have to pay for this, but peace of mind is invaluable!

Rust/ Corrosion

Oxygen is vital to life – and terrible for metals! Cars, especially, those that have been kept near the coast, can begin to rust with astonishing ease. While light rust can be buffed off, preserving the integrity of the car’s bodywork. If left untreated it can nibble the metal bodywork into something resembling lace in both looks and fragility. Run your hand over the car and if you feel roughness or bumps under the shiny new paint job. Particularly around the back of the car and its wheel wells. You might have some heavily disguised rust to deal with!

Worn Tyres

Worn or excessively cheap tyres are often a feature of a used car. This is because new tyres are expensive, so used car vendors will either delay replacing a car’s tyres or replace them with the cheapest possible set of new tyres. Now, tyres must be legally compliant at the point of sale. So you will be able to get your new car home but it is wise to plan on investing in a new set of tyres as soon as you can – perhaps save a little over the asking price of the used car you have your eye on. So you can change the tyres promptly!

In conclusion, while the image of the shady used car salesman persists, regulations have significantly improved in the second-hand car market. Choosing a reputable dealer like KAP  Motors can mitigate common issues like bad brakes, rust, and worn tyres. This will ensure a smoother and safer driving experience.

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