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Why companies want to use animated videos as a business learning resource

Corporate learning refers to the education that a corporate needs to undergo before and during the work cycle. The traditional way of this kind of learning involves reading and understanding how the organization works as well as how certain project or product specific tasks work. This method involved reading from manuals, guides and corporate handbooks. It also involves having an understanding of the rules and regulations of the organization.

How to Put this to use?

The more modern way of corporate learning is watching video lectures on the content prepared by the organization with the help of senior, experienced and expert officials. These lectures provided a better understanding as the employee would be attentive and focused given it’s a video lecture. This allowed the corporate employees the option to carry the material anywhere and read it with ease, whenever they get the opportunity. In this method as well, it was noticed that certain employees were getting distracted or losing interest.

To overcome this issue of getting distracted and losing interest, a new idea was developed. This involved having staff learn through affordable animated videos for eLearning. These animated videos have the same content that a manual would have. But the advantage of these videos is that they are more engaging and entertaining than a manual and can even have a touch of humor to the content which keeps pulling the employees attention towards the learning session. It is evident that these are more impactful than screencast videos as they take less time, are more interactive, and allow for specific targeting of the audience. Animated videos have always been known to get people hooked on to the content. The proof of this is as kids (and some of us still are), all of us were hypnotised by the animated cartoons. So following the same principle getting people’s attention, regardless of them being fresher or experienced professionals, it is easier to use animated explainer videos for eLearning.

The Advantages – What you need to know

When animated videos are compared with conventional manual reading or learning through screencast videos, animated explainer videos have many advantages such as:

  • Engagement level of audience can be kept high using animated videos.
  • It connects emotionally with the audience which improves the impact.
  • The content can be understood with ease.
  • There are multiple applications of animated videos, i.e. they can be applied in any field of corporate life.
  • The entertainment quotient as well as educational capacity is high.
  • Animated videos have a longer retention capacity.

The various parts of work-life where animated videos for eLearning can be used include Orientation training, technical training, safety and security training, refresher training and remedial training. Though animated videos have just recently started to be popular in the business world, it has time and again been proven that these videos are the best way of learning a concept and retaining the information for a longer period of time.

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