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Why do we like personalized & printed mugs

We all have that one special mug in our lives which we cannot even think about throwing away. The reason behind this is that we build an emotional connection with that specif mug which is irrational but ironically quite common. When that mug is printed with our name, favorite symbol, favorite character or anything, it gives us a sense of belonging that increases the attachment by ten folds. 

According to a survey, 60% of the people reported having an emotional attachment with their favorite mug among them majority said that their mug is irreplaceable and if their mug broke they would be completely devasted. If a simple mug can have this impact on our lives, imagine how big is an impact when it is personalized with our favorite prints.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the reasons why people like printed and personalized mugs, so that this whole thing would not seem illogical anymore. 

Sense of Ownership

We all love owning things regardless of their worth. Whether it is a small book or a big car, we love calling things our own. When you have a mug that is printed according to your likes, it just doubles the sense of ownership as you know it entirely your thing.

Shows connection, when gifted

A printed mug is typically our go-to gift item when nothing seems fit, but it is a thoughtful one. When we gift someone a mug that is printed with their favorite characters or their favorite pictures, it builds a connection and shows that we pay attention to their likes and dislikes. It shows our thoughtful efforts behind the gift that seems small yet holds an enormous meaning.

A nice decor item

If you have a habit of placing the mug on your side table and letting it lay there for hours, then it might as well be an item that adds a good touch to your room and not seem a mess. This is just what a printed mug does. It serves a decorating purpose with its colorful printed pictures so even if you are lazy enough to let it lay on your study or side table for long, it would look good.

A portrayal of yourself

Our likes and dislikes are a major portion of our personality that we manifest through words or actions. For example, if we have a mug that is printed with our favorite tv show character, it gives off information on our likeness for this show. If we have mug printed with a favorite scenery, it shows our fondness for nature. In short, every printed picture is a manifestation of a small part of ourself and the majority loves sharing bit and piece about their personality. Therefore, we love printed mugs because it gives off ourself without bragging directly.

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