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4 ways to defend your market position

In order for your business to be able to grow and become more and more successful, you, first and foremost, have to defend its market position at all times and at all costs. By not doing so, its reputation will suffer, and you will lose custom to your competitors.

To find four ways you can defend your market position, make sure to read on.

Monitor your situation

You can’t take action in defending and ultimately bettering your market position if you don’t know your current standing in it. For this reason, monitoring your specific situation at all times is vital.

To do this, you should consider using a reputable business intelligence tool. This business intelligence (BI) tool will allow you to monitor everything that is said about your business, its brand, and all of your competitors. Ultimately, this tool will help you to keep your ear to the ground with regards to all the latest occurrences in your market, which will, in turn, help you defend your position in it.

Know what your customers want

One of the most important things you can do in your bid to secure your standing in your market is to always give the customers what they want. In order to give them what they want, you, first, have to know what they want. You should find out what matters to your customers — is it receiving your product within a particular time frame, or is a more flexible service that they’re after? Once you’re aware of the wants and needs of your customers, you should revise your production, shipping, and marketing strategies accordingly.

Don’t be afraid to update your image

Sometimes, the best thing that you can do to hold ground in your market is update your image. When you stick with the same image for too long, it becomes stale and, as a result, people begin to lose interest in you and your brand.To update your images, you should consider taking the following simple steps:

  • Give the front of your premises a fresh lick of pain
  • Redesign your business cards
  • Revise your social media presence and tweak your website
  • Repackage your branding

Importantly, you should make that sure that your image, without any shadow of a doubt, reflects your unique selling point. If there is no correlation between your brand and your USP, your target audience will become unnecessarily confused when it comes to the message that you try to convey.

Target new markets

You might be surprised to hear that targeting new markets can actually help you to defend your position in your current one. By tapping into other markets, i.e., the e-commerce or overseas markets, you will show your business to be both forward thinking and capable of growth. That will make your current customers believe in your abilities even more than they already — as a result, your current market position will be strengthened.

In order to undertake the all-important task of defending your market position, you have to put the four pieces of advice listed above into practice.

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