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Big Data And Marketing: Why They Are A Match Made In Heaven

Knowing all the details about your customer is the best way to learn about what’s important to them. And once you understand that, then you can craft your message in such a way that they can’t help but to respond.

How can you learn everything you need to know about your customer? The key lies in Big Data analytics. With so much happening on the web these days, people are leaving many clues around that can be picked up, analysed and then given to companies to learn more about what makes their customers tick.

No matter what kind of business you have, if you aren’t using Big Data to tie in with your marketing then you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

In this article, I will go over exactly how this data can be used to your advantage.

1 – Better marketing campaigns

Marketing is best done when you are tuned into your customer or client’s needs. Reaching your potential customers is highly dependent on their needs and behaviors.

For instance, a campaign on social media might fall short since your target customer responds better to email since they don’t have time for social media. Agencies like Bing Digital collect the data and then analyse this behavior so you can better set up a campaign that is effective.

All of the data gathered is going to paint a picture about how your customer uses the internet so you can focus on the right platform. And, it is also going to give you some insight into their mindset that leads them to a purchase or to take other actions.

2 – You can create an accurate buyer’s persona

When all the data is collected and analysed it can give you an accurate description of what the average person is who is likely to use your product or service. You can call this your buyer’s persona. In fact, some marketers like to create an entire character with a name to use as a basis for how they go about their marketing.

The data collected comes from their browsing history, the way they engage with certain sites, where they live and how they spend their money. This data could only come from using analytics from Big Data.

With this data and persona, you can then tailor your message to make sure it resonates with the right people.

3 – You spend money wisely

When you have your persona created based on the data, you can zero in on exactly the right person. Armed with this information, you can then find the right platform to reach that person. If your persona is a woman in her 30’s with two kids and is a stay at home mom, then it makes little sense to start an advertising campaign using TV ads during a football game.

This way you spend money where it is likely to work and less on methods that are like taking a shot in the dark.

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