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Why do you need an international health insurance while studying abroad

Let’s say you have applied for a degree program abroad and have been preparing to move after getting the acceptance letter. You get your visa and all the document work has been done. During the last few days, before you finally fly, you have packed every possible thing you would need in the host country, from your everyday pajamas to your toiletries, everything is packed and waiting patiently in your bags.

In all this chaos, if you have forgotten to apply for international health insurance, then you have made a huge mistake. Yes, you heard right! We cannot emphasize enough how important having international insurance is especially when you move abroad for studying. Although there are many reasons, we will cover some of them in this article so to help you make an informed decision.

Visa Requirement

Imagine you have worked hard to maintain a good profile so that nothing goes wrong in your final visa interview, but then you get rejected after everything you have done. And the reason for rejection is something you could have easily managed to take care of before, medical health insurance.

It may not be a common requirement but a few countries like Australia, the US, and France require you to have medical health insurance for the student visas. So, it is advisable that you apply for international health insurance no matter in which part of the world you are moving to because it is going to benefit you anyway.

Coverage During Accidents And Illness

When we are ecstatically busy preparing to study abroad, maintaining a good visa profile, and getting information about the daily conduct in the host country, thinking about getting into accidents or falling sick is usually the last thing on our mind. No one would want something bad to happen to them but unfortunately, no one could avoid the what-if situation.

When you move abroad for studying, chances are you would be staying there for a long time, maybe 2 to 3 years. In such a long period, don’t you think there could be some instances where you could catch viral flu or get injured?

Therefore it is wise that you consider all these factors before and get international health insurance so that when you do face any such situation, you do not have any trouble getting the treatment or medical aid.

Expensive Student Life & Medical Support 

When you move on a student visa, you get a limited couple of hours to work daily which hardly earns you enough money to get through your daily student life expenditures along with your fees. You have to work a couple of odd jobs to be able to make ends meet. In such a tough situation, paying for your healthcare can be extremely heavy on the pocket.

But, you cannot compromise on your health if you become a victim of any illness. In this situation, international health insurance comes as a savior for a struggling student and offers coverage for quality medical treatments.

Now that you know all the benefits, visit nowhealth.com – international student health insurance for one of the best insurance plans.

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