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Do Australian students have too many assignments

Studying at the university implies multiple writing assignments in addition to attending lectures, classes, workshops, and participating in countless other activities. Very often students need to think about how to earn money for living in addition to coping with studies. Nothing strange that homework overload results in high level of stress and academic achievements that are far from desired. There are additional reasons for emerged overload such as insufficient support for international students, who, according to 2017 University Annual Reports, constitute 32% to 45% percent of the overall number of students in many universities in Australia. Being aware of possible reasons and solutions will help to reduce the level of overload and stress.

Why Australian students are overwhelmed with assignments?

First of all, students face too much homework college because any educational institution wants young people to be prepared for all the obstacles of adult life. Giving so many writing assignments is expected to help training time-management skills and the ability to work under pressure. The only problem is that university staff does not always take into consideration that many students already took control over their lives and they need a few high-quality tasks to learn useful skills rather than a lot of homework tasks to create the artificial workload.


Secondly, international students in Australia are prone to student workload and stress due to the lack of language skills. While they are still honing their mastery in English, professors give assignments that require significant expertise. In this case, one can easily seek help for my custom writing and submit perfectly completed assignments that both earn a good grade and serves as an example for future tasks. It is always a good idea to have a sample of properly done work to follow the same steps and develop practical skills.

Thirdly, isn’t college workload too much stress because of a lack of time management skills? Probably everybody experienced the situation when the deadline was approaching while the task was not even started. When a few big assignments are announced in addition to the previous ones that are not completed yet, a student may feel that the workload snowballed and there are too many homework assignments to cope with.

What can be done?

It is the utmost need for every Australian student to set up the schedule and plan the homework to be completed in small portions. Complex writing assignments usually imply that a student will complete them in several days, step by step. It is easier to follow this rule than attempt to complete everything in last night. Adopting this way of dealing with homework tasks will be helpful in the future at work. Planning the workload not only improves the organizational skills but provides a visually represented scheme of overload that must motivate a student to start working on assignments earlier.

Another solution that can reduce Australian student workload and stress is the habit of refusing procrastination and starting with the most difficult assignment first. A student must be careful as even tasks that appear to be easy at first glance may be much more complicated than expected. That is why it is a good decision to complete the paper that is definitely the most difficult one so that there will be enough time in case of unexpected difficulties or new homework tasks.


Finally, life is easier when someone helps you with homework overload. Every learning experience is useful and if a teacher, peer student, or hired professional explains some difficult parts, this opportunity could not be treated as negative experience since the main aim of studying – obtaining knowledge – was achieved. Various English courses, though adding more pressure and stress to student’s workload, will be beneficial as he or she spends less time on next assignments upon developing a better command of English language and understanding of academic requirements.

Final Words

All in all, Australian students indeed have too many assignments to cope with due to several reasons though every one of them can be addressed from the student’s side. The workload can be planned and organized to avoid being late with assignments, mastery of the English language can be developed within a rather short period of time, and expert writers, senior students, or teachers are always ready to help an Australian student to succeed. Everyone should remember that even the toughest workload will end eventually but the skills of time management and coping with challenges will be extremely useful both in future academic tasks and entire life.

Author’s Bio

Susan Wallace works as the online consultant for recruiting agency and she is aware of how many students seek either job or internship in companies. She contributes to students’ success by writing articles and opinion pieces in the field of human resources in addition to her other fields of interest. When Susan has spare time, he enjoys surfing and volleyball.

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