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Why you need a pair of Blue Light Glasses

Over the past few years, as we’ve moved into a more digital focused era, our daily habits have changed and our screen time has increased. Whether we’re working on a computer or laptop, checking the news via our phone, endlessly scrolling through social media or catching up on the latest Netflix show – we’re constantly using digital devices. This increased exposure to digital screens means higher exposure to blue light; a harmful UV light emitted from the sun, but also from our digital screens.

What are the effects of blue light exposure?

Whether it’s from using your iPad, laptop or phone screen, increasing daily usage of digital devices can negatively affect your vision and eye health. Knock-on effects can include:

  • Dry and irritated eyes – Spending the day in front of a digital screen can lead to eye fatigue and digital eye strain!
  • Blurry vision – Many people note that after an extended period of sitting in front of a screen they experience blurred vision. Try the 20-20-20 rule to combat this!
  • Headaches – Have you ever noticed that after a long day in the office, working on a spreadsheet, you experience headaches? Blue light can increase this!
  • Interrupted sleep cycle – If you feel tired but have trouble sleeping, blue light could be causing this.

As a repercussion of these symptoms, we can experience premature eye ageing and increase the risk of vision problems in the future. If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, an easy way to combat this is by purchasing a pair of blue light glasses. Suitable for those who need vision correction, and those without, blue light blocking glasses are an affordable and effective way of reducing our exposure to harmful blue light rays, without making a change to our daily activities.

Remember that blue light isn’t all bad! Some exposure to blue light is necessary in order to regulate circadian rhythm, which improves memory and mood. It’s even more important for children to have exposure to blue light as it helps to maintain healthy eye development.

Do blue light glasses actually work?

It might seem a little too good to be true, but blue light glasses actually work! Brands are increasingly incorporating blue light block technology into their eyewear collections, to offer added protection to block the blue light wavelengths from reaching our eyes and damaging our eye health. SmartBuyGlasses offer powerful zFORT™ technology that is effective in blocking the blue light wavelengths ranging between 380 and 500nm, preventing them from reaching your eyes and causing glare. This reduction in glare leads to a reduction in eye strain, helping to maintain our eye health. Reduced exposure to blue light rays can also help to improve your sleep pattern, leading to an improvement in your energy levels and alertness throughout the day!

Also known as screen glasses, or computer glasses, blue light blocking glasses are designed for all-day wear, made from lightweight materials to sit comfortably on your face, and to do so stylishly.

Where can I buy blue light glasses?

If you’re looking for blue light glasses that offer protection and style, SmartBuyGlasses has hundreds of frame options available, with various online tools to help you to find the right pair for your needs. SmartBuyGlasses offer a wide range of options, from high end designer brands, to more affordable value brands. The online eyewear retailer offers zFORT™ blue light protection, which is technology available to add to almost any glasses, prescription glasses or sunglasses.

Whatever your style, prescription or personal preferences, you’re bound to find a pair of blue light glasses you not only like, but love. They make the perfect addition to your workwear wardrobe, so you can make an impact on your way into the office, all whilst keeping your eyes healthy. Shop blue light glasses from SmartBuyGlasses UK.

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