Providing a customer-centric service
A Zurich case study

Page 1: Introduction

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Zurich® is a major financial services group that was founded in 1872. Its headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland. Today, the company employs 60,000 people. It serves customers in more than 170 countries. The company has offices in the Americas, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region. Zurich operates in a very competitive marketplace. It needs to focus on providing...
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Page 2: Market research

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Market research is the systematic gathering of data about what customers want. It also includes the analysis of this data to provide information to aid marketing decision making. Firms can use their market research findings to improve their product offer or the support provided to customers. A customer-centric firm will use the research findings to improve all aspects of its...
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Page 3: Secondary research

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Secondary research draws on information which already exists. Examples include reports by market research firms or sales data within a company. Sources of secondary data include British Council country reports and government reports. Some of the best secondary data is expensive to purchase. This is because it has been collected for commercial purposes by specialist market research companies...
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Page 4: Business strategy

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Business strategy is the means by which a firm seeks to achieve its aims and objectives. Zurich's aim is to be the leading insurance provider, as measured by customer satisfaction, shareholder returns and employee engagement. All of Zurich's primary and secondary research had led to the conclusion that customers want relevant, reliable help from their insurance provider. No other insurance...
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Page 5: Implementation of a customer-centred strategy

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Market research showed that customers want one thing more than anything else 'help'. To deliver help Zurich has developed the solution, HelpPoint. HelpPoint is the name Zurich uses to describe the many ways in which Zurich delivers what customers need when they need it. Zurich refocused and adapted its existing HelpPoint service to provide an all-embracing help service. HelpPoint was originally...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Differentiating Zurich from rivals involves constantly listening to customers and generating new ideas.  Market research carried out by Zurich indicated that customers want more 'help' with their insurance. This is a prime consideration in choosing an insurance provider. Zurich therefore set out to create a strategy of providing help throughout the organisation. Market research revealed...
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