Meeting global responsibilities by caring for communities
An Amway case study

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Page 3: Developing a global strategy

In the same way that Amway has a global strategy for producing, distributing and marketing its products worldwide, its strategy for promoting CSR is also global.

Amway defines a global cause as 'a social issue affecting many people around the world engaged in a struggle or a plight that warrants a charitable response.' The company recognises that as a successful enterprise it must build its business based on the principles of 'relevance, simplicity and humanity'.

Amway's vision is 'helping people live better lives'. Developing the Global Cause Program:

  • helps Amway to bring this vision to life
  • declares what the organisation stands for
  • builds trust and respect in Amway brands
  • establishes Corporate Social Responsibility as a high priority.

Amway developed its Global Cause Program in 2002. It is the result of extensive research. This involved studying relevant issues and holding discussions with organisations involved in providing help to the needy and underprivileged in communities worldwide.

Some research was primary research, e.g. interviewing potential partners. Other research was secondary, e.g. examining published sources about global trends in poverty, lack of educational opportunities etc.

From the outset, Amway established some clear objectives. These were to:

  • build loyalty and pride among IBOs and employees
  • enhance Amway's reputation as a caring organisation
  • make a real difference to human lives.

Further research indicated that people linked to Amway had a clear favourite area for the Global Cause Program to cover. They wanted it to develop initiatives concerned with children and the family.

They felt that there are millions of compelling reasons to focus on helping children including. For example:

  • Amway is a business owned by and operated by families.
  • Children are the world's future.
  • Children embody hope.
  • With children it is possible to make a lifelong difference.

Research showed that:

  • Half of the world's poor people are children.
  • Every year 12 million children die before their fifth birthday.
  • 540 million children live in crisis situations.
  • Over 125 million children have no access to basic education.
  • Even in the most developed countries some children are left behind.

Research also showed, however, that children's needs differ from one part of the world to another. Amway therefore recognises that if its Global Cause Program is to have maximum impact it will need to be tailored to the specific needs of particular regions and areas.

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