A vision for a smarter world
An ARM case study

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Page 2: Vision, aims and values

An organisation’s vision outlines what the company wants to achieve. A vision should be aspirational and inspirational for stakeholders, especially employees. ARM’s vision is:

‘To create a world where all electronic products and services, based upon energy efficient technology from ARM, make life better for everyone.’

This vision will affect every aspect of the business. All strategic decisions will be geared towards making this vision a reality. To help deliver the vision, an organisation will set aims. Aims describe what the business intends to do in the long-term. In order to achieve its vision, ARM aims to:

  • attract and retain the best talent globally
  • continue to grow the business to ensure maximum revenue to develop new technologies through R&D and also deliver funds for shareholders
  • promote collaboration and shared learning through its network of partners.

Arm 18 Image 2ARM’s biggest asset is its people. Due to the knowledge-intensive nature of the business, ARM relies on its innovative and highly skilled employees to maintain its market leading position. Maintaining its highly motivated workforce is therefore a key aim. To aid the achievement of its aims, ARM has set seven core business values. A company’s values demonstrate the things it deems to be of the upmost importance. These values underpin everything that the company does. ARM’s core values include:

  • Teamwork and selflessness – sharing information and knowledge openly both internally and externally.
  • Constructive pro-activity – developing practical solutions with a ‘can do’ approach.
  • Partner and customer focus – understanding their needs.
  • Responsiveness – always reacting with a sense of urgency.
  • Innovation – developing practical solutions to problems.
  • Personal development – through training, coaching and mentoring.
  • Delivery of results – using expertise to benefit ARM.

These ARM values support the achievement of its vision and aims. They also compliment its business model and demonstrate the company’s focus on its workforce. An organisation’s vision, aims and values all influence the development of plans for the future direction of the company, namely its business strategies.

ARM | A vision for a smarter world