Fuelling the digital revolution
An ARM case study

Page 6: Conclusion

Although it is easy to think that it is just the very large companies that are transforming products or services, one stage behind many of these companies is intellectual property developed by smaller companies like ARM that have invested heavily in research. In this business environment where so much is outsourced, smaller organisations such as ARM can have an enormous influence upon the everyday lives of people across the globe. The technologies developed by ARM have produced a range of solutions that have enabled larger organisations to drive markets in new directions to develop feature-rich, reliable and cost-effective products for their customers.

ARM has become a world leader. It supplies its innovative architecture for advanced system-on-chip designs and has created a participative culture that enables it to work with its partners to provide solutions and global support for a new age. Modern life includes ‘chips with everything’ from using the Internet, booking seats on an airline, using your credit card, digitising notes, shopping, using your mobile phone or simply being entertained within your own home. Behind all of this technology is ARM, an organisation that is using its research and development to extend the possibilities for tomorrow.

ARM | Fuelling the digital revolution


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